12 Sleek Smart Home Gadgets You'll Want to Buy this Prime Day

Yeah, we know everybody is telling you to buy this, buy that, but we found some interesting products on and off amazon that we think you’ll wanna buy this prime day.

12 Sleek Smart Home Gadgets You'll Want to Buy this Prime Day
Photo by Sebastian Scholz (Nuki) / Unsplash

Amazon Prime Day 2022 is just a few days away and it’s the perfect opportunity to save big. Yeah, we know everybody is telling you to buy this, buy that, but we found some interesting products on and off amazon that we think you’ll wanna buy this prime day. Remember, Prime Day isn’t only about what is on amazon, other businesses and stores have major deals too around this period. Let’s jump into our 12 sleek smart gadgets you’ll want to buy in this Prime Day article.

In some unlikely instances, some products go off-market, and in our review of these products, we may be forced to show alternative or similar products.

Aromeo Sense

Aromeo Sense is a smart lamp and speaker purposely created to bolster your sleep. With Aromeo Sense, you can unwind and tuck yourself in with dim lights, and warm music.

Smart Lamp and Speaker
Aisuo Smart Lamp and Speaker. Source: Aisuo.

Sleep will never be the same again.

2. Nobi Smart Lamp

You know how you’re in the house and you think you hear something.  Nobi Smart Lamp is a lamp, camera, and home security system that will do everything from lighting to watching your home for you.

Rexing Smart Lamp with Wireless Charger
Rexing Smart Lamp with Wireless Charger. Source: RexingUSA.

It boasts some powerful capabilities including alerting you of intruders and uses AI to automatically detect falls; which can be very helpful for older people and for alerting emergency services when they fall and can’t get up. The best part is it doesn’t need batteries. Installation is also as easy as replacing your ceiling light with the Nobi Smart Lamp.

3. EyeVac

Ever been cleaning your home and not wanting to scooch over and pick the dirt. EyeVac, a smart stationary vacuum cleaner, will do that for you. It sits tight and sucks all the dirt you sweep over to its base.

EyeVac Touchless Stationary Vacuum
EyeVac Touchless Stationary Vacuum. Source: Amazon.

It also has a pet version that not only sucks in fur but also clean-filters the air around the room to ensure there are no fur or other allergens floating around.

4. Beale MeasureFill Kitchen Faucet

Taps are increasingly becoming smart but this revolution is largely happening in mobile homes. You can, however, turn your tap into a smart instrument with the Beale MeasureFill Kitchen Faucet.

Beale MeasureFill Kitchen Faucet
Beale MeasureFill Kitchen Faucet. Source: Amazon.

The faucet (fancy name for fancy tap) will fill your cup to the exact measurement you set to the dial. It has a ceramic disk valve to control the way the water comes out (water flow), and you can even have it splurt water for increased breadth in a drip-free way. The facet is also detachable, can have a small brush attached to it to clean your sink, and includes temperature controls.

5. Smart Remote X

Ever wanted a real smart home but you keep having to contend with old remotes that are half-chewed by the kids and half not working. I know I get pissed when I’m scrolling on Netflix or YouTube on my TV and my remote stalls.

SofaBaton X1 Universal Remote alongside dock and the remote's app opened on a smartphone
SofaBaton X1 Universal Remote. Source: Amazon.

With Smart Remote X, stalls are a thing of the past. The remote is a universal remote that will control absolutely everything in your smart home. It’ll control your TV, music, lighting, thermostat, etc. It’s a handly small remote that has a touchscreen and is easily linkable to all your devices.

6. Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels

You know how you're woken up early by this annoying alarm on your phone that you snooze forever and end up getting late? Well, with Clocky, you’ll have a harder time ignoring your alarm.

Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels Black and Aqua Colors
Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels. Source Amazon.

Clocky is a mobile (it moves) alarm clock that will literally run away from you while sounding the alarm like a mad little boss baby running around being all crazy. Yes. It’s definitely fun and Clocky can even run out of the house if he/she feels like it wants to.

7. Dreamfarm Gripet Quick Grip Note Holder

It’s increasingly hard to keep your bills and paper notes organized in this ever-increasingly digital world. You know how your fridge is full of stickers and they are now encroaching on your mirrors? That is now a thing of the past with the Dreamfarm Gripet.

Dreamfarm Gripet Quick Grip Note Holder
Dreamfarm Gripet Quick Grip Note Holder. Source: Dreamfarm.

It’s a magnetically attachable wall-mounted paper clip that doesn’t poke any holes on your paper. It uses smart tech to hold your papers and is perfect for that list of groceries you post by the door for the nanny to go get.

8. The BFan

If you’re like me and it's annoying when you have to wake up half asleep to remove a blanket since it’s so hot at night, then the BFan is for you.

BedJet 3 Climate Control for Beds
BedJet 3 Climate Control for Beds. Source: Amazon.

The BFan is a smart fan for under your bedsheets that pushes out hot air while circulating cold air in. This will largely improve your nights, especially when it's hot, without you having to lift a finger and stepping on your cat half asleep trying to remove some beddings.

9. Nanoleaf Light Panels

Smart lighting has become a thing and it doesn’t get better than this. These detachable light panels can be arranged in any shape or sequence you like. They also sync with music and come with a color range of over 16 million colors.

Nanoleaf Smart Light Panels
Nanoleaf Smart Light Panels. Source: Amazon

That means you can have any crazy color combination you like. Even more, they also will help you wind down and dim down when it's bedtime. They are very much a decor and aesthetic buy and will help you create some really unique light patterns.

10. Ampere Shower Power

Ever wanted to have music in your shower? Well, it is now possible with the Ampere Shower Power. The Ampere Shower Power is a smart shower handle and speaker that is attached to your shower head or even a detachable shower hose. It comes with powerful speakers and a sound wave diffuser making it feel like you have a movie theatre in your shower.

Ampere Shower Power Pro
Ampere Shower Power Pro. Source: Amazon.

The device will play any music, podcasts, or audiobooks you like and is water-resistant. It also charges while you use it and comes with an 8-hour battery. Those are a lot of showers. Pardon my manners but I’m thinking you and your sweetheart listening to some nice music in the shower.

11. The Ultimate Bed

Living in a studio apartment and are tight for space? Well, the Ultimate Bed is coming to your rescue. The Ultimate Bed is really what it sounds like, ultimate. It has a massage chair, two Bluetooth speakers, and an electronic and adjustable base/mattress. It also features lots of storage and a small study area with two detachable stools for reading. Best of all, it is comfy and includes some drawer space and numerous storage cabinets that are smartly hidden away. The Ultimate Bed will be very handy if you live in the tiny apartments of NYC.

12. Automatic Blinds

The completing touches to your smart home are the automatic blinds. Yes, you may think that blinds aren’t a huge deal but with technology nowadays, they can do much more. Automatic blinds for horizontal blinds will regulate the temperature of your house by adjusting the blinds.

Somfy Clever Tilt Blind Motor Kit
Somfy Clever Tilt Blind Motor Kit. Source: Amazon.

They’ll also help you wake up in the morning and wind down in the evening. They are solar-powered and come with a remote control. They also come with an app where you can set schedules for when the blinds will be lifted and lowered. They are very ‘automatic’ and will get your house feeling all that more techy and smart.

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