A Journal for Jordan Movie Review

The movie is a beautiful love story of a man who met his soulmate and had a beautiful son.

A Journal for Jordan Movie Review
A Journal for Jordan stars Michael. B. Jordan and Chante Adams. Source: Slash Film.

Starring Michael. B. Jordan and Chante Adams, ‘A Journal for Jordan’ is a 2021 film that mirrors the true-life story of Sergeant Charles Monroe King and his love, New York Times’ journalist Dana Canedy. The movie is about a journal that Sgt. King writes for his newborn son Jordan, while he’s away at war in Iraq.

Sergeant Charles Monroe King

Dana meets Sgt. King in her parents’ house as King is a friend to her father having served in the army together. He is an artist and a good friend of the family. King is going through a divorce and already has a daughter from his failed marriage.

Dana Canedy

Dana lives in New York and she and King get to know each other over phone calls and grow close. King visits Dana in New York and their love story begins. She realizes she is pregnant and after a while, the 9/11 attacks happen. As a result, Sgt. King is sent to Iraq where he heads a battalion of 100 troops.


Dana gifts him a journal before one of his deployments and tells him to write a journal for their son Jordan. She tells him to tell Jordan who he is. He goes on to write life lessons and teach Jordan about being a man. King is committed to his role in the army and even misses Jordan’s birth to see through his mission to ensure all his men get back home safe.

The War in Iraq

Disaster strikes and shortly after Jordan is born, Sgt. King dies at war in Iraq and Dana is left to raise Jordan on her own. On getting old enough, she hands Jordan the journal and they go to his father’s grave. Jordan learns about the man his father was and draws some invaluable lessons from the journal.

Wisdom and Valor

The movie is a beautiful love story of a man who met his soulmate and had a beautiful son. Sgt. King is a man of honor and valor and shares his wisdom with his son via the journal. He is explicable of a remarkable gentleman and a disciplined soldier.

Our Rating

Our rating for the movie is a solid 10. It’s a beautiful Drama and Romance film that is so beautifully shot. Jordan and Chante do a wonderful job acting the scenes and it’s so beautifully shot and so well acted that you’ll fall in love with the two. A journal for Jordan is directed by Denzel Washington and Michael. B. Jordan also plays the role of executive producer.

Love and Loss

It’s a movie that also teaches important life lessons about loss, commitment, and love. A Journal for Jordan is a definite must-watch and we are sure to rewatch it again ourselves. It is very refreshing. May Sgt. Charles Monroe King Rest in Eternal Peace and May God bless his beautiful family and comfort them. Amen.