About this site

Who we are and why we started

Mania Inc. is an independent publication launched in June 2020 by David Mania. Mania Inc. provides content on a wide range of topics while ensuring quality, informativeness, and relevance.

Our aim

Our aim is to help you digest what's happening in the world, be it in sports, tech, lifestyle, self-empowerment, etc, by looking at the world from an average-person perspective. Our aim is not to bring you everything, it's to bring you what we think is important to a Millenial/Gen Z but also do it in a digestible way, while ensuring we provide valuable, concise, and relatable information.

What are we trying to achieve?

Mania Inc. started after we felt that legacy media did a terrible job of overcooking news, features, reviews, and tech stories, among other things.

We, therefore, felt a need to try and do better and bring you content that isn't dependent on budgets, boards, or even traditional media structures to get you the information you need. Unlike legacy media, our aim is not to bombard you with stories or news.

We take a different approach and bring you random stories and articles at a steady and digestible pace. We are very keen on the quality of our publication and will always choose what we feel is interesting to us, as millennials and Gen Zs ourselves, over what will sell or what will trend.

Our commitment to you

Our commitment is to you, our reader. Only you. We also believe in choice and, therefore, won't lock ourselves to a niche for the purpose of pleasing search engines and the like. Most often legacy publications cave in due to editorial pressures, competition, and other market forces, often leading to a barrage of over-indulgent news stories, and articles. Our approach is different and instead of worrying about what a story will mean for revenue, we'll stick to writing about what we want to when we want to.

How we plan to support Mania Inc.

We struggle a lot with the question of whether to lock our content behind a paywall or just display ads. On one hand, locking our content would create a tight-knit community of those interested in what we do. We would, however, be locking others out who may be interested in finding information be it for entertainment, education, learning, or research purposes.

As such, we have settled on a hybrid model for now, as we find our DNA when it comes to how we want to support Mania Inc. long term. Ad revenues are so unreliable, however, and therefore we encourage you to subscribe so that you also get access to exclusive content. You can also join our Patreon and we'll grant you access to paid content.

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