Affiliate Links Policy

We use affiliate links to monetize our website. Affiliate links are provided by a merchant, business or organization, to a content publisher as part of a marketing engagement between the two. Each affiliate link is trackable to the publisher, and when a customer purchases through that link, the merchant may pay the publisher a small commission as agreed.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying links.

We are eligible for a commission if you use one of the affiliate links in this blog to purchase an item. We are, however, merely a channel of marketing and have no part to play when it comes to the manufacturing, distribution, and sale of the products that we include affiliate links for.

As such, we are not liable for any wrongful or below-expectation outcomes of sales made on a merchant’s website, where a link we have placed on this website has led you. That said, we only recommend and place affiliate links for products that we have used, love, and would recommend even to our family members.

We do our best to maintain our affiliate links’ highest quality and integrity and we'll only link to legal, well-tested, and well-reviewed products.

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