Aliens: A Sci-Fi About What Would Happen if Aliens Came to Earth

They greet, and the aliens seem emotionless. Their faces become dotted with strands that seem to float in the air like jellyfish in the water.

Aliens: A Sci-Fi About What Would Happen if Aliens Came to Earth
Photo by Bruce Warrington / Unsplash

By definition, aliens are foreign entities, objects, or species that, in the context of the earth, originate from other planets, solar systems, or galaxies. An alien within the context of a nation can be a foreigner or expatriate who has chosen to work or live in a country other than their own. For this article, I want to talk about aliens, literal we-don’t-know-if-they-exist aliens. Indulge me and let’s get into some sci-fi fantasy.


Solar systems can be grouped and referred to as a galaxy. Our galaxy is the milky way galaxy. For perspective, if you were in a spaceship from a distance watching the milky way, you would not be able to pinpoint the earth from other entities in the milky way galaxy.

The Infinity of Space

The earth is a spec the further out you go, and the expanse of space is in the millions if not billions of unending kilometers. Space is infinite and does not follow conventional or earthly rules of time. Let’s zoom in and look at our solar system. There are eight planets since pluto got disqualified. Earth is the only inhabitable planet in our solar system as far as we know. It may not be the case.