All You Need to Know About Vaccination and Why It is Important

Vaccination is a way to ensure that the body is ready to fight a particular infection by allowing it a test fight, if you may, with the virus to learn how to defend itself.

All You Need to Know About Vaccination and Why It is Important
Photo by CDC / Unsplash

Vaccination is one of the essential health activities and requirements for all individuals and especially children. It has also become referred to as immunization or inoculation. Vaccination is essentially exposing the individual to a mild strain of a virus or infection as a way to allow for acquiring immunity against that particular virus or infection.

How Vaccines Work

Vaccination enables the body to strengthen its defenses against a specific virus or infection by introducing it to the body and allowing the body to create a defense that can get deployed when the virus gets recognized in the future. The body develops specific antibodies or protection against the mild strain of the virus, allowing it to have defenses already in place when the individual acquires the virus through transmission.

When the individual gets infected by the virus, the body can recognize the particular virus or infection and recall the defenses it already has in place against the specific infection. These defenses can be replicated and can get into action and ensure that the transmitted infection or virus gets fought and eliminated.