Amana: The First City on Mars

We’ll rarely use devices on Mars and all the informational and entertainment systems will be embedded in the facilities and spaces.

Amana: The First City on Mars
Amana is our vision of Mars. Source: Syfy.

Amana is the name we give to the first city on Mars. We say ‘on Mars’ but it will really be a sub-ground city that will have its biggest extent underground. Mars is very different atmospherically from the earth and that’s why we think it will go underground for the most part.

A Sub-Ground City on Mars

Amana will have most of its parts underground. 🌆 Most of the buildings will have their largest extents underground and only a floor or two will extend above ground.

Temperature and Oxygen Regulation

The ground-level parts of the building will mostly entail glass roofs or sunroofs that will allow in the sunlight. ☀️ These levels will also be exchange levels for oxygen and carbon dioxide and will entail the air control levels of each building.