Authentic Africa: Appreciating the Culture, Heritage, and Beauty of Africa

We live in the most beautiful parts of the world and are mostly too lost in our daily lives to take the time to explore our local tourist attractions.

Authentic Africa: Appreciating the Culture, Heritage, and Beauty of Africa
Photo by Harshil Gudka / Unsplash

Authentic Africa speaks to us as a people, as Africans who have lived in, continue to live in, and love our beautiful continent. I feel very proud to be African and Kenyan, for that matter. Africa is a continent of marvels, and you can only feel the beauty of being in Africa by visiting Africa.

Why You Should Visit Africa and Not Just Read About It

I am sure that reading about our beautiful continent is not enough to get that authentic African experience. There is nothing as beautiful as seeing the African sunset on the sub-Saharan plains or hearing the tall grass of African plains whisper in the wind. The beauty that is the continent we call home is something that all of us should experience.

The Importance of Our Home Africa and Our Authenticity as Africans

Authenticity for me as an individual is having my own philosophy of life. My own philosophical underpinning if you like, and a system that is not borrowing from something else or another culture but my own. My soul speaks to the land, and the land speaks to my soul. Africa is my home and makes me who I am, and collectively, we make Africa.

Taking Pride in Our African Roots

Where I am getting at is that we should all recognize and take pride in our Africanism and the fact that we, as Africa, are indeed African. I feel like sometimes we forget that we are our own continent, with our own values, traditions, and cultures. From my perspective, authentic Africa is so much encroached upon by western and foreign cultures.