Boys and Power: How Power Corrupts Immature Men as Seen in Game of Thrones

When Geoffrey got the throne from the mad king, he was even madder. Young boys are not meant to lead empires.

Boys and Power: How Power Corrupts Immature Men as Seen in Game of Thrones
Photo by Paweł Furman / Unsplash

As we all know, power corrupts men. However, it infuriates boys. Boys are incapable of wielding power. I do not mean any disrespect to my fellow boys or wish to put anyone on edge. If you have watched Game of Thrones (G.O.T), then you can relate to what I am saying.

An Even Madder Heir to the Mad King

When Geoffrey got the throne from the mad king, he was even madder. Young boys are not meant to lead empires. The responsibility of being the emperor or king is in nature, maddening. When we speak of power, what comes to mind are political power and leadership. We think that power is with those that have wealth or are in positions of leadership. We adore specific individuals as they appear to have or wield certain powers over themselves and others. It may not be the case.

Liquid Power

Power is not solid and cannot be held in-store or as a token of one’s instruments. Power is fluid, and some would say, liquid. Power evolves as the sun becomes the moon. Metaphorically, power darkens or brightens with changing environments and circumstances.

Philosophers would argue that individuals and groups have an inherent desire to be led or to have specific individuals and entities that they rely upon, take the helm. If you’ve watched The Godfather, you understand that power is, in essence, the ability to act or instigate actions without being held to account or suffering repercussions.

Have you watched The Godfather?

The Godfather does favors for certain people and offers ‘protection’ to those that pay him a fee or a ‘tax’ if you like.


Power can lead to impunity, and those in power can be above the law even as they mascarade as working according to the law. For instance, if any of us has the kind of power that is respectable and appreciated in society, they can be held to a more cavalier standard when it comes to certain illegalities.

The Impunity in Firearm Possession

A good example is wielding a firearm. In Kenya, influential individuals can have access to and possession of firearms for various reasons ranging from personal protection to exercising impunity. All over the world, the standard for firearm possession is first to have a license for the firearm; after adequate assessment of the need for the weapon, and the ability to dispense the firearm with caution.

The Need for Measured Training Before Issuing Gun Licenses

Second, the holder of the gun should undergo appropriate and measured training to ensure that they protect not only themselves but also others around the firearm(s). When these standards are relaxed, then power becomes impunity, which, in turn, leads to anarchy.


The reason there are laws is to ensure that all of us are on equal footing in life. It not only applies to rights and freedoms but also opportunities and the facilitation accorded to all of us by law. These include security, the freedom to live anywhere within the country, and the right to work in any sector. Of course, each of these comes with its requirements and laws, but the blanket idea is that any of us who meets the set criteria can get afforded such facilitations.


What happens then when boys are at the helm and are captaining the ship in a sea full of icebergs? The ship is obviously at a loss. The vessel is unable to navigate the seas in the right manner as the boy captain is inherently compromised.

It is not the job of the ship’s passengers to mind icebergs, but the sole responsibility of the captain and his or her crew. As such, in a democracy, it is not the role of every citizen to take the initiative to see that justice becomes administered, but it is the role of the relevant authorities and mandated teams.


These days of corona are bitter. We are angry, and we have become beaten. A lot has gone wrong, but we must not forget the wrongs that came before the virus. Justice is the bread of the masses. And either way, you slice it, the bread comes first. As such, if we are all equal, then we need comparable repercussions for all of us.

Failure to do that, power becomes impunity, and impunity leads to anarchy. As young people, we face enough troubles in life to have a bitter blow to the face, on top of everything else. There is unemployment, alleged corruption, mental health issues, and coronavirus, and needless to say; we do not need to get persecuted on top of that.


In G.O.T., the master of whisperers says that respect is how the young keep the elderly at a distance. It is a way for the young to avoid hearing a particular truth from the old. The truth is that ‘nothing ever lasts.’ As such, we must remember that power is liquid and fluid and morphs like a caterpillar and can easily become a butterfly or burn into a dragon. Enough said on the matter.

We pray that the virus will come to a halt and that things will be made right. The streets are empty, but our hearts and souls are there, fighting to have what needs to get done, get done. We all have power, and for us, we wield it in the form of information.