Coping with Loss and Accepting It as a Truth of Life

We should always be grateful for having loved ones and those that love us. We should also remember those without their loved ones, be they street children, orphans, or widows.

Coping with Loss and Accepting It as a Truth of Life
Photo by Ksenia Makagonova / Unsplash

In life, there is nothing one can be more unprepared for like they can be unprepared for loss. In the current pandemic, a lot of individuals and families have lost their loved ones. Reality can be so horrid sometimes thinking that one had a loved one at the tail end of last year and is now mourning the loss of that loved one. Our hearts and prayers go to those who have been afflicted by the Covid-19 pandemic. May the souls of their loved ones rest in eternal and everlasting peace.

The Unexpected Nature of Loss

Loss is like an atomic bomb unleashed in someone’s life. It is unexpected, unplanned for, and even not thought about. An individual or family can rarely anticipate loss. It just happens and can be so shocking that the initial response is for one to be in a kind of limbo with their feelings. When the individual is trying to process what has happened, they can feel locked out or out of touch with their emotions. It is the initial stage of grief and gets followed by sadness or grief, anger, and then acceptance.

The Unfortunate Impact of Loss

As human beings, we can never really anticipate or plan for loss. Even with a loved one in the hospital or suffering a health condition, we can never really expect or even imagine that they could lose their lives. The news of a loss is shocking and becomes followed by utter disbelief. Loss can be so impactful and calls for a lot of strength. This strength should be drawn from loved ones or other survivors of the cause of the loss. Having a support system is crucial to how well one can recover from a loss.

Who is part of your support system?