Cushioning a Meltdown in the COVID-19 Era

As the situation stands, numerous patients with other conditions such as cancer, liver, and kidney disease, among others, are at a loss.

Cushioning a Meltdown in the COVID-19 Era
Photo by Siarhei Palishchuk / Unsplash

Health Preparedness

In the current bleak situation due to the current pandemic, a lot has shown us that we, as a nation and people, are very underprepared for unforeseen events and circumstances. For instance, the health infrastructure worldwide would have come across as adequately financed and capable, a notion that was disproved by the pandemic.

Should there be a Metric to Measure Disaster Preparedness?

There needs to be metrics and systems to ensure that individuals, institutions, and nations have a metric to measure disaster preparedness. These metrics should be complemented by disaster response systems that can provide a response that entails sufficient and superseding measures.

The Shift of Medical Resources Away from Other Ailments to COVID

As the situation stands, numerous patients with other conditions such as cancer, liver, and kidney disease, among others, are at a loss as a majority of the human and financial resources of health systems worldwide are being focused on the pandemic.

Faulty Leadership

Nations like Brazil have suffered the brunt of rogue leadership that has been illuminated by the circumstances created by the current pandemic. Numerous governments have responded poorly to the epidemic and have left citizens at a disadvantage.

Faulty Leadership During the Pandemic: The Case of Brazil

In Brazil’s case, the country’s leadership went as far as to misinform its citizens about the existence of the pandemic. As such, citizens were initially confused about whether the pandemic had reached the country and its presence within communities.

When leadership lets down its citizens, the disadvantaged suffer the most. These are citizens who live below the poverty line and those in slums and favelas in Brazil’s case. Honest, committed, and pragmatic leadership is truthful, transparent, and prioritizes the safety and health of its citizens.

Personal Preparedness

Individuals and households should instigate specific measures to ensure that, as a unit, they get prepared for financial upheavals. Numerous well-doing families, especially in countries like the U.S., have undergone a tough time due to a lack of fiscal measures to cushion against economic downturns. It is tied to budgeting and the various ways we spend our finances.

Savings as a Way to Cushion from a Meltdown of One's Finances

It is always advisable to save a sufficient percentage of one’s income as a way to allow for future preparedness. Moreover, we should all live within our means to ensure that our lifestyles do not disadvantage our financial abilities in the future. As the economic situation worsens, numerous individuals and households will have to reimagine the various ways they interact with money and expenditure.

Quiz: What is gentrification?

Gentrification and It's Effects on the Affordability of Rent in Major Cities

Gentrification in innumerable cities worldwide has led to numerous individuals and families lacking the financial means to afford to house themselves. In cities such as Amsterdam, numerous individuals have been left homeless or have had to move elsewhere as rent rates and house prices have skyrocketed. As more and more individuals move to cities, demand peaks, and housing availability wanes. As such, the pricing for housing skyrockets leaving individuals lacking the means to afford a house or even rent.

Are Governments Doing Enough in Terms of Subsidized Housing?

Some governments do try to help and provide subsidized housing. However, such facilitation is calculated as per the individual’s income and without consideration of the housing market prices. It leaves numerous individuals at a point where they can’t afford rent and are considered, as per subsidized housing, to be earning an amount that disqualifies them from needing such facilitation.

Psychological Preparedness

We, the human species, are beings of routine. We all cherish having various approaches to how we interact with others and our environment. As such, when something like the COVID-19 pandemic causes upheaval to our lives and the way we live, we suffer psychological turmoil.

To avoid this, we should adopt mental preparedness and inner strength through a can-do attitude. The COVID-19 pandemic could just be a precursor of what is to come. With climate change and increased tensions between nations and the human race and nature, much more could be in store for this century.

Avoiding Psychological Turmoil through Healthy Living and Building Mental Resilience

With that in mind, as a species, we should adopt mental preparedness and strength to ensure that we do not suffer psychological turmoil when things don’t go as expected. We should all adopt a healthy lifestyle, exercise, and connect with our spiritual beliefs to ensure that we get mentally strengthened to deal with unforeseen circumstances. We should all seek support systems to ensure that when things get bad, we do not falter or suffer upheaval much more than we need to.