David Mania Crypto: My First NFT Drop

All my NFTs are currently available on OpenSea and can be bid on and bought on the platform.

David Mania Crypto: My First NFT Drop
Yours Truly.

Introducing David Mania Crypto which brings you my first NFT drop. I am super excited to officially enter the Crypto space and my newly minted NFTs are just the beginning of what I hope will be a fantastic artsy future.

What is an NFT?

An NFT or Non-Fungible Token is a digitally signed artform that entails multimedia including photos, videos, digital art, 3D drawing and models, sculpture, etc. An NFT allows anyone to become the digital owner of a work of art by giving them the work with its signature and other attached ownership forms. These can include a physical copy or physical representation of a product.

What is Minting?

Minting is the process of creating an NFT on the blockchain. In layman’s terms, it is creating a digital entity out of a digital art form or work. It can be done via NFT platforms like OpenSea.

What is an NFT Drop?

An NFT drop is the launching or releasing of an NFT. For instance, when I created my NFTs and put them on OpenSea, I dropped or launched them.

What is a Blockchain?

A blockchain is a decentralized network of computers that work by each node on the computer contributing to the verification of transactions. In layman’s terms, a blockchain is a set of digital transactions that when completely form a block. These blocks are chained to form the blockchain.

What is a Block in Blockchain?

A block is a set of completed transactions that are verified when all the computers in the node record the same instances of a transaction. The transaction is thus verified and allowed to be submitted into a block as a legitimate transaction and records there being an exchange of crypto value. This value is mostly the exchange of cryptocurrencies from one wallet holder to the other.

What is a Wallet in Cryptocurrencies?

A wallet is a digital pocket where a blockchain user can deploy or store cryptocurrencies and interact with the blockchain to initiate or receive transactions.

David Mania Crypto

David Mania Crypto is inspired by my fascination with the cryptocurrency world and the various ways blockchains can be used to create several digital assets and even be digital assets themselves, that can be traded.

My First NFT Collections

The first collections of my NFT drop include several collections each inspired by its own characteristics. They include the following.

The David Mania Collection

These are NFTs where I personally feature and entail digital representations of me and my portraits or photos.

The David Mania Photography Collection

These are NFTs that feature my photography and digital representations of my photography works.

The David Mania Art Collection

These are NFTs that feature my art and works of art that I have created.

The X Girl Collection

These are NFTs that feature digital ladies each with an X characteristic that represents how she is feeling, her emotions, and her nature.

The Lady Gourd’s World Collection

These are NFTs that feature Lady Gourd who is the quintessential African woman. She always ensures that everything in her African homestead is in tip-top shape and remains beautiful while doing it.

Where to Buy NFTs by David Mania

All my NFTs are currently available on OpenSea and Rarible and can be bid on and bought on both platforms. You are free to make an offer on any NFT and depending on the listing and the value of your offer, you could just be an owner of a David Mania NFT. Remember that NFTs are timeless art pieces that will only incur more value over time, representing an ever-accruing digital asset.

The Future of David Mania Crypto and David Mania NFTs

The future is very bright for David Mania Crypto and David Mania NFTs. There are more exciting projects on the way and as time goes by, David Mania NFTs will become rare collectibles that pay homage to David Mania as he grows as well as other collections and stories. Get a David Mania NFT now.