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Photography is powerful and is the only craft that can pause time and give a glimpse into cherished moments and memories.

David Mania Photography
David Mania

Welcome to David Mania! It has been an out-of-this-world amazing experience to become a blogger and to have the opportunity to connect with you. We love you so much here at Mania Inc., and we feel so honored to have you as our audience. The blogging journey has had its highs and lows, but it is all coming together. I hope you had a Merry Christmas and are having a happy new year. The blogging journey has been wonderful, and I pray that we get more opportunities to connect more, have conversations, and look into the issues that face us.

David Mania Music

The blog David Mania came about as a way for me to include you in my personal journey. I am currently pursuing music and photography, and I felt that beyond what we do on Mania Inc., I needed a platform that looks into what I have been up to and allows me to share my journey with you. My passion for music started in primary school, and I was part of the school choir in primary and high school. We had such a wonderful journey, and we even made it to the nationals in form four. I will be pursuing music as a career. Please stay tuned for my upcoming music. Follow me on Instagram for more.

David Mania
Yours Truly, David Mania.

Photography came about as a realization of the deep desire to become a musician, blogger, and photographer, even if just for fun. Photography is powerful and is the only craft that can pause time and give a glimpse into cherished moments and memories. A picture lives forever, and in this digital age and with advancements in technology, photography has become part of our everyday lives. I have had the pleasure to pursue photography, and so far, despite being a beginner, I have found that photography is a critical part of what artists can achieve and how they brand themselves. This realization is what led to the creation of David Mania Photography.

Photography Lessons

I recently had the honor of meeting an accomplished photographer who gave me insight into what it means to yield a camera. The photographer is named Kibe, and he took me through what it means and what it takes to really have an edge in photography. The following were some of the insights shared.

David Mania

Photography is about light. As he put it, it is ‘chasing light.’ He demonstrated and held out his hand towards the sun and highlighted how dark the other side is when the hand is against the light. Photography is about ensuring that the subject is facing the light and is in the light. The light is what makes the picture, and metaphorically, pictures bring light into our lives.

Do you have a photo album? A physical photo album?

As a profession or career, photography is often misconstrued as just a hobby or something that one does just for fun. However, it is much more. It is the power and art of finding a glimpse into the moment and illuminating light in a way that invokes light in others. While starting out, one may lack the equipment, skills, or resources to really compete with the best.

However, photography is about finding your edge. It is about finding a perspective that no one else can and creating an edge for yourself. It entails taking a picture of the subject in a way that no one else can. Ultimately, it is being unique in a way that draws out your skills and illuminates the beauty, awe, and nature of the subject.

Professional Photography

Photography is about becoming your own person, becoming a professional in a way that cannot be replicated or duplicated. As a profession, photography requires professionalism and entails treating your subject with respect, kindness, and admiration. According to Kibe, even how you talk to your clients or subjects can be the difference between you and other photographers. It is very much about your vibe and understanding that work is work and should be respected.

Photographers may sometimes get carried away by the attention and praise that comes with being good at your craft that they lose their professionalism. On the other hand, clients should respect that photography is a profession and not a mere pastime. Photographers too have bills to pay, and as such, clients should ensure that they discuss and agree on the amount to be paid with the photographer and pay it in full and on time. This ensures that the photographer can acquire motivation and drive from photography, better their skill, and hone their craft.

David Mania


I had the pleasure of being the subject of a shoot in Kibe’s studio, and I was amazed by how amazing the photos came out. It was quite a coincidence that we met as I pursued a glimpse of the wild while trying to partake in some wildlife photography. I was inspired to learn and recognize the power of photography.

I was lucky to have an opportunity to have some pictures taken for my profile as I wanted a few snaps that were good enough as a portrait of myself. The pictures are amazing and what inspires me is the light, the detail, and how effectively and effortlessly Kibe was able to take such wonderful portraits.

The 1000 Portraits Project

I am on the precipice of starting a project termed the ‘A Thousand Portraits’ project, where I will attempt to shoot a thousand portraits of different individuals. Anyone who would be interested in having their portraits taken can reach me through our contact us page. The project will run hand in hand with my various modeling projects for various campaigns.

I am so blessed to have a platform where I can share all the projects with you. Rest assured that you will find all the updates right here on David Mania. I am so honored to have such a wonderful audience, and I am eternally grateful for your support. Asanteni.