Do Aliens Really Exist? + What It Would Mean if they Do

Aliens most probably do exist and on accepting that, we go to the next stage which is contemplating what that would mean for humanity.

Do Aliens Really Exist? + What It Would Mean if they Do
Photo by Miriam Espacio / Unsplash

Do aliens really exist? And what would it mean if they did? Would that be a bad thing or would that fundamentally change our view of the world and the future of humanity? Let us try to make a hypothetical case for the affirmative.

Aliens Do Exist 👽

So, do aliens really exist? The answer is yes, well, probably yes. Our argument for the affirmative is that there have been way too many sightings in too many different locations and continents that it’s more likely that aliens exist than they don’t. There have been way too many Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) sightings in the last one hundred years than is enough to prove that they do.

The Evidence Threshold Theory 👾

The question of evidence and its deniability can be pegged to the theory that it is impossible to disprove something that is continually experienced or documented, no matter how insane or unbelievable it may be.   For instance, if someone said there were microplastics in the ocean, which there are, but you haven’t seen them, then, if there has been enough or more than enough evidence that they do, it’s wiser and more practical to just accept that they do.