Do Aliens Really Exist? + What It Would Mean if they Do

Aliens most probably do exist and on accepting that, we go to the next stage which is contemplating what that would mean for humanity.

Do Aliens Really Exist? + What It Would Mean if they Do
Photo by Miriam Espacio / Unsplash

Do aliens really exist? And what would it mean if they did? Would that be a bad thing or would that fundamentally change our view of the world and the future of humanity? Let us try to make a hypothetical case for the affirmative.

Aliens Do Exist 👽

So, do aliens really exist? The answer is yes, well, probably yes. Our argument for the affirmative is that there have been way too many sightings in too many different locations and continents that it’s more likely that aliens exist than they don’t. There have been way too many Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) sightings in the last one hundred years than is enough to prove that they do.

The Evidence Threshold Theory 👾

The question of evidence and its deniability can be pegged to the theory that it is impossible to disprove something that is continually experienced or documented, no matter how insane or unbelievable it may be.   For instance, if someone said there were microplastics in the ocean, which there are, but you haven’t seen them, then, if there has been enough or more than enough evidence that they do, it’s wiser and more practical to just accept that they do.

You Don’t Have to See It for It to be True 🛸

Essentially, this theory works on the premise that unreal things will not have enough evidence or documentation up to a certain point. On the other hand, when a phenomenon has evidence that reaches or exceeds this point, then it can be assumed that it is inherently true. Another example is the presence of nuclear weapons in the world. Most of us may have not seen nuclear weapons but there is enough evidence and documentation that it is essentially impossible that nuclear weapons don’t exist. This is what I call the ‘Evidence Threshold Theory.’

What Does It Mean that Aliens Exist?

Aliens most probably do exist and on accepting that, we go to the next stage which is contemplating what that would mean for humanity. There are two most likely and polar-like opposite scenarios.

Scenario 1

Aliens and humans collide either intentionally or accidentally. The explanation of why there have been so many UFO sightings in the last century can be tied to major developments in warfare and global nuclear weaponization. The human species has evolved to the point where it has the knowledge to split the atom and weaponize this split via the atomic bomb.

As you can imagine, for an extraterrestrial civilization watching us, then this would be of particular interest as it would be in their interest to keep an eye on what weapons humans are developing. By doing so, they would be in a position to assess the threat level that humans pose now and in the immediate to long-term future. Through this perspective then the numerous UFO sightings in the last century make sense and in a sense, we can predict a UFO sighting by following major world events, especially of the war kind. Aliens are more technologically advanced than we are and needless to say, would win a ‘war of the planets’.

Scenario 2

The second scenario of what the existence of aliens would mean is hope and a fundamental improvement of how we lead life. By humans acknowledging that aliens exist and putting in place systems to communicate with and befriend them, the planet earth opens itself up to unlimited potential. 🦾 Think of Nikola Tesla’s wireless energy and such world-changing technologies and humanity’s newfound access to them via a collaboration with aliens or foreign extraterrestrial civilizations.

According to the tech that is believed to be out there today, aliens are far more advanced technologically than we are. 🪬🧬

Alien Tech in Government’s Hands 🛸

There is even evidence that the world’s biggest governments have collected some of this tech from UFO crashes and used it to develop similar tech. For instance, some researchers believe that the government has been able to replicate flying saucers and other similar technologies. Others believe that alien-human knowledge sharing could be the key to unlocking humanity’s unrealized potential. 🗝

An Interplanetary Alliance of Technology 👽👨‍🚀

A good example of how an interplanetary alliance of technology would change the world is introducing technology that could tap into sub-zero or atmospheric energy that is believed to be free-flowing. This energy in empty space is energy whose single square meter could power an entire city. Access to such energy would be completely wireless and free to all people and there are theories that this would fundamentally cripple the current economic setup.

A Free-Energy World 🌍🌕🌈

Imagine a world where energy is free and the environment is cleaner as there is no need for energy production on the industrial level or its consumption to create all goods. The planet would flourish as there wouldn’t be climate change and all people would have free access to energy to power their lives and essentially fundamentally improve life here on earth. There would be no inequality, food would be plentiful, the earth’s climate and nature would flourish as there would be little to no pollution and the stage could be set for humanity to outlive current survival estimates.

Should we Prepare for Extraterrestrial Contact? 🤙👽

The answer is yes. We should prepare to meet and engage with our interplanetary neighbors. It’s in our best interest to be cordial and peaceful towards them. First, because their technology is centuries if not millenniums ahead of ours, and in a war scenario, they would blow us to smithereens. Second, from a perspective of technological advancement and its far-reaching benefits, it is in our interest to be peaceful with aliens to ensure we get the benefit of their knowledge and technology. We do not in any way suggest coercing them to share their knowledge but instead advocate for asking for and appreciating the opportunity to learn from them immensely.

The Lost Century 💯

There are theories that the tech that governments already have their hands on could have advanced the world’s tech 100 years already, a phenomenon called ‘The Lost Century’. As such, making friends with aliens would allow us rapid technological advancement that we would recover this century and advance our technology for several centuries worth in a short period of time. For instance, advance in the next 100 years to the level we could have advanced in the next 1000. A collaboration with a more advanced civilization would grant us this opportunity.

We Have More to Gain than to Lose from the Existence of Aliens 📚🛸

The truth is that there is more to be gained from knowing that aliens exist than there is to be lost by humanity. Provided that we are peaceful towards otherworldly civilizations, their existence and our pact of friendship with them would be the greatest thing to happen to humanity in the millennia to come. It can be eerie to think about but there are just too many earth-like planets with far-enough suns out there to think that earth is the only one that is inhabited. It really doesn’t make sense that the entire vastness of space and time was created just to house this one species in a tiny little planet in the milky way known as earth.