Do We All Crave Rejection Deep Down?

We all outwardly say and express that we want acceptance. We sometimes even go as far as saying that we crave acceptance. Is that really the case though?

Do We All Crave Rejection Deep Down?
Photo by Danie Franco / Unsplash

Do we all crave rejection deep down? Are we attracted to rejection? Do we outwardly express wanting to be loved and accepted while inwardly craving rejection? Well, before I reject or accept your view on this, let’s get started.

What is Rejection?

Rejection is when someone or some entity chooses not to accept, associate, or cooperate with you. For instance, a company may reject your job application and choose not to have you join the organization. Similarly, a potential lover or partner may reject you and choose not to be with you. Therefore, rejection, in a nutshell, is the refusal by another party to be with, associate with, or cooperate with you.

What is Acceptance?

On the other side of the coin is acceptance. Acceptance is when another party, individual, or entity chooses to incorporate, include and associate with you in their affairs or in pursuit of a mutual goal. For instance, a company may accept your proposal to head a new department, that focuses on a sector that you specialize in and are proficient in. On the other hand, a potential partner or lover may accept your proposal to take your relationship to the next level and be together.