Dubai Moonlight Classic

Golf is an intricate game of trying to sink the golf ball into a hole. It involves playing in various terrains and avoiding obstacles while trying to sink the ball in the smallest number of strokes possible.

Dubai Moonlight Classic
The Dubai Moonlight Classic is a floodlit golfing tournament that is held at night. Source: 

Dubai recently hosted the Dubai Moonlight Classic, which is a floodlit golf tournament held in Dubai. The tournament is a ladies’ classic and has seen women golfers worldwide compete in a picturesque golf tournament. Dubai is a city beyond beauty, with its Arabian and coastal scenery. Dubai is a global city and a perfect location to hold a world-class golf tournament. The coronavirus has disrupted a lot of sports this year, and it is fascinating that the Dubai Moonlight Classic had the opportunity to go on.

What is the Dubai Moonlight Classic?

The Dubai Moonlight Classic is a leg of the Ladies European Tour and is anticipated to be a stepping stone for amateur and professional golfers alike. It provides an opportunity for women golfers to display their talent on the world stage and possibly increase their rankings.

How Professional and Amateur Golf are Different

Professional golf is different from amateur golf, and their own statuses regulate both. For instance, the amateur status requires that golfers who are classified as amateurs be those who have never been paid to play golf. Those who have played golf for pay cannot participate in amateur leagues.