Earth Uno: A Sci-Fi About the Future Existence of Many Earths

We are the inhabitants of Earth Uno, the first, the one, and so far, the only.

Earth Uno: A Sci-Fi About the Future Existence of Many Earths
Photo by Qingbao Meng / Unsplash

We live on Earth-One or Earth Uno in Spanish. We live in a world that is, as far as we know, the one and only of its kind. We are, therefore, the inhabitants of Earth Uno, the first, the one, and so far, the only. Earth Uno is our home, it is everything we have and everything we ever wanted, need, and more. It is plush with beauty and is wondrous in all its might and power.

Earth Uno can raise ocean waves to over a hundred meters, it can bellow out some earth-shaking volcanoes, and can give rise to the most extensive of forests. Earth Uno is the best, the best for all of us, humans, in every way possible. We live it, and we definitely love it. Why else would we be so mad about climate change and the climate crisis?

Earth Uno: The First

Earth Uno could only be the first in hundreds or thousands of Earths. I know we don’t know this yet but wear your sci-fi cap and let us imagine the unknown. Earth Uno has been billions of years in the making and is a part of a humongous group of solar bodies, planets, and stars. It is only a single planet in the Milky Way galaxy. The Milky Way is huge but is only one of numerous other galaxies with billions and billions of stars, planets, moons, and other solar bodies. As far as we know, other galaxies could have a similar planet, another earth. Earth Uno is amazing but think about how incredible Earth Dos and Earth Tres, and so on, would be.

Earth Siblings: The Twin Multiple Earths

The relationship between the different Earths wouldn’t be that of twins but that of siblings. Earth-Two wouldn’t be an exact replica of Earth Uno but a more sophisticated, nature-filled, and beautiful Earth. Earth Dos, in Spanish, would be Earth 2.0, a planet like never before. So would Earth Tres or Earth three, it would essentially be Earth 3.0.

It would be bigger, mightier, and more wondrous. I imagine if Earth Dos would have mountains that are tens of kilometers high, Earth Tres would have mega mountains. It would have mountains that would take years to climb and would have some of the most unimaginable wildlife. I imagine that none of us would even entertain the thought of lions as big as elephants. Earth Dos and Tres would exist on such a scale.

The Power of an Earth Born Out of Human Curation

Life on Earth is wonderful but imagine living on a planet that is curated by us. A planet fine-tuned for human life by humans. Imagine creating entire ecosystems of forests, wildlife, agriculture, sea life, tourism, etc.

Imagine an entire planet or several that have been tweaked to not only complement the earth but also outdo it. The earth would always be the best as it would be Earth-One or Earth Uno, but the other Earths would pay homage to that and be better. They would be better by complementing what we have learned on Earth Uno, about Earth, and the conditions that would be optimum for an even better life.

What name would you give to another earth?

Lighter Gravity on the Other Earths

The other Earths would have lighter gravity, for instance, and would have more favorable seasons and climate conditions. They would have preset conditions by us, humans, that would work to enhance our biology and how well we can lead life. Earth Dos would introduce a new air, a healthier, cleaner air with only human-conducive and health-inducing constituents.

As a result, Earth Dos would have a better atmosphere for the human breathing system and would lead to the evolution of the human species towards a stronger respiratory system i.e. one that could be immune to any viruses or infections such as COVID-19. It would also have a lighter gravity making it easier to be on its surface and for people and transportation to scale its distance. You can imagine trying to get fit when the gravity is lighter and having to do even more exercise and the health benefits that would have.

Earth Tres: A Hub of Agriculture

Earth Tres would be tweaked for agriculture and the best biotech scientists and agriculturalists would be sent there to create more enriched and healthy food. Earth Tres would also introduce new species of livestock and would ensure that for instance, cows kept for milk would have milk-enhancing genes and those kept for meat would have meat-enhancing genes.

The planet would undertake agriculture on a massive scale. You can imagine having billions and billions of livestock on a planet of their own. Essentially, a whole entire evolution of new and purpose-built livestock and agriculture farm spanning an entire planet. Earth Tres would be the farm planet and would not only supply Earth Uno, or Earth Dos, but also other Earths.

Earth 4: A Wildlife Sanctuary

Earth Four or Earth Cuatro in Spanish or Quattro in Italian, would be a wildlife sanctuary Earth. It would have all new and enhanced wildlife species. Even extinct animals could be recreated to be bigger, better, and more adapted to that particular Earth. Earth Cuatro would be created in a way that every animal could be tweaked to only occupy a specific place in the food chain and only eat what it should. That way, there would always be a balance between the numerous species, their prey, and predators. Earth Four would have its own human-curated eco-system that would ensure that wildlife has its own planet, even as it would also be the wildlife tourism planet for the other Earths.

Earth Cinco: Ocean’s Planet

Earth Cinco or Earth Five would be the ocean’s planet and would have some of the most amazing marine life. It would have whales so big that entire cruise ships would be menial in comparison. Earth Cinco would be a marine wildlife preserve and would have some of the most richest and healthy reefs. It would have current and new species of fish, marine plants, crustaceans, sharks, dolphins, e.t.c

You can imagine having dolphins that are as big as the whales we have now, and how amazing it would be to have such a dolphin jump out of the water in a show of scale and might. Earth Five would be geared towards ensuring that the marine ecosystem is taken care of, enhanced, and studied effectively. It would also host tourists interested in seeing the oceans, the most beautiful beaches, and the most adventurous water parks. Earth Cinco would also host all water sporting activities and would be entirely geared toward marine life.

The Earths: An Entire School of Planets

The Earths would be an entire school of planets that would all depend on each other. They would be an enhancement of Earth Uno and its betterment, not a duplicate or recreating the earth as we know it. Our planet is one that is crucially important to all of us and it will remain to be home, whatever the future brings. Through living and spending our time and lives here, we know what works and we keep discovering new ways to conserve the planet.

Climate change is a huge threat to Earth Uno and exacerbating the climate crisis, through consumerism, for instance, would be tantamount to destroying our one and only planet. The Earth is enough, as it is, to cater to all our needs and to sustain an ever-growing population. We only need to conserve the environment and use our natural resources in a sustainable manner. An excellent example of doing this is shifting away from fossil fuels to green energy and renewable, and sustainable sources of energy such as hydroelectricity, and geothermal power, among others. Earth Uno is all we have, let us treat it as it deserves i.e. with care and appreciation.