EPL Gameweek 12 Results - A Disunited Manchester United Nick Tottenham

Things were bad in the locker room for Manchester United, however, as new manager Erik ten Hag, is seemingly in a fight with his best player Cristiano Ronaldo.

EPL Gameweek 12 Results - A Disunited Manchester United Nick Tottenham
Man United players David De Gea, Bruno Fernandes, and Luke Shaw. Source: PL.

EPL Gameweek 12 was a breeze for a seemingly disunited Manchester United, however wrong the phrase sounds. The ‘red devils’ put up an intense fight, the likes of which Conte’s magic wasn’t expecting. By the time the 90 minutes were done, United had nicked two behind Tottenham’s net, winning the game 2-0.

Cristiano Ronaldo Walks Off the Pitch

Things were bad in the locker room for Manchester United, however, as new manager Erik ten Hag, is seemingly in a fight with his best player Cristiano Ronaldo. Their ‘beef’ hit fever point when Cristiano Ronaldo walked off the pitch at Old Trafford, after being benched and later denied the chance to play or to be subbed in.

What Should Man United Do with Cristiano Ronaldo?

Man United should just give CR7 a fair chance as they would any forward. Even more, the club should accommodate him and give him the lead. What I mean is that United needs CR7 more than he needs them. As such, they should take advantage of his prowess and let him captain the team, and hopefully, some of his greatness will rub off on future legends like Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford. The club released a statement, however, saying that Cristiano will not be part of United’s squad that will be facing Chelsea today.

CR7’s Return to United: Alex Ferguson’s Flawed Dream?

Rhetoric on Twitter seems to point out Cristiano’s return to Manchester United as the biggest career flop for former manager Alex Ferguson. Fergie’s dream, according to some, was flawed. I, however, beg to differ. It wasn’t an awful idea to have Cristiano back at United.

It wouldn’t be if it were David Beckham that was coming back. It was a good idea essentially because CR7’s presence would impact and hopefully improve the overall quality of the Man United team and their play. As such, there is no point blaming Fergie for the current Cristiano Ronaldo drama at United.

A Manchester United that has Everything Except Unity

The sad and unfortunate thing is that Manchester United has everything a team would want. They have the finances, the A-list players, the best player in the world, arguably, in their team, a new manager who’s tested and proven, and a management that is passionate about the team. Sadly, all this isn’t enough and the team can’t seem to find a grip on its form or on all the parts that make the team flourish or, unfortunately, fall apart.

Does Man United Need New Owners?

Probably. The Glazers have long been the club’s owners, and maybe it is time for new ownership. Unfortunately, MUFC’s case seems to be one of a fish that’s rotten from the head. As such, maybe a total overhaul of the club’s leadership is exactly what’s needed to bring the team back to its glory days.

Liverpool Pokes West Ham

League giants Liverpool only managed a single goal against West Ham hence the ‘poke’ notation. A team as big as Liverpool has no business just putting one behind West Ham’s net. No disrespect to West Ham but Jurgen Klopp’s men can do far much better than 1-0. Liverpool’s lone goal was scored by Darwin Nunez. There’s also concern that the quality of Liverpool’s play is flaunting, and that somehow the giants are becoming weaker. They were even nicked by Man United a few weeks back. Klopp should do something or Liverpool becomes the next Leicester City.

Chelsea Draw Brentford

Perhaps the most shocking of EPL Gameweek 12 results, Chelsea drew Brentford 0-0. The Blues were seeing all blues and couldn’t even earn a penalty to help tilt the scales. The Bees, on the other hand, were on top of their game and gave a lesson to Chelsea on why the best aren’t always going to be at their best.

Other EPL Gameweek 12 Results

Brighton drew Nottingham Forest 0-0. Crystal Palace beat Wolves 2-1. Southampton beat Bournemouth 1-0. Newcastle beat Everton 1-0. Fulham beat Aston Villa 3-0 and Leicester beat Leeds United 2-0.

Arsenal v Man City Postponed

The long-awaited Arsenal vs City game was postponed in EPL Gameweek 12. The time it will take place is yet to be determined and we are eagerly waiting for things to be streamlined for EPL Fixtures.

EPL Standings

Arsenal are currently on top of Premier League Standings with 27 points, despite their game with Man City being postponed. Manchester City are second with 23 points, followed by Tottenham who are third, also with 23 points. In fourth place is Chelsea with 20 points, followed by Manchester United who are fifth with 19 points. Newcastle are a surprising sixth with 18 points, followed by Liverpool who are a slumpy seventh with 16 points. In eighth place is Brighton with 15 points, followed by Fulham who are ninth, also with 15 points. Coming in at tenth are Brentford with 14 points.

EPL Fixtures

Today is a good day in the EPL calendar as Manchester United will go head to head with Chelsea in what will be EPL Gameweek 13’s most exciting fixture. Nottingham Forest will face Liverpool today also as will Brighton who will face Manchester City. The last of today’s four games will be Everton vs Crystal Palace. Tomorrow will see Wolves face Leicester City, Aston Villa face Brentford, Southampton face Arsenal, Leeds United face Fulham, and Tottenham face Newcastle. Monday, the 24th will cap EPL Gameweek 13 with West Ham facing Bournemouth.