EPL Gameweek 36 Results - EPL 2021/22

Gameweek 36 of the EPL started with a 1-1 draw between Liverpool and Spurs. Brighton then went on to humiliate Manchester United 4-0 and Chelsea drew Wolves 2-2.

EPL Gameweek 36 Results - EPL 2021/22
Arsenal players celebrating a goal. Source: Arsenal.

Gameweek 36 of the EPL started with a 1-1 draw between Liverpool and Spurs. Brighton then went on to humiliate Manchester United 4-0 and Chelsea drew Wolves 2-2. Aston Villa beat Burnley 3-1 as Brentford beat Southampton 3-0. In other Gameweek 36 Results, Arsenal beat Leeds 2-1, a sign that they are resurfacing.

Arsenal Resurfacing

Arsenal seem to be on an upward trend despite starting the season at a terrible low. It seems that Mikel Arteta’s strategies were geared for the long-term and they are now starting to work. Arsenal have secured a spot at the top four even as Tottenham are hot on their heels. Unlike Artetas’, Conte’s strategies are instant and may just propel Spurs to unseat Arsenal at number 4 in the EPL table.

Leicester Still Slumping

In other EPL Gameweek 36 Results, Everton beat Leicester 2-1 as Manchester City hammered Newcastle 5-0. Unlike City, Leicester lack the consistency season-to-season to launch and sustain successful EPL campaigns. It seems that Leicester are easily thrown off, especially if they lack leadership on and off the pitch. A good example is that since Vardy was demoted from captaincy at the club, Leicester have been on a nosedive. The club is heavily reliant on good scorers instead of building capacity throughout the pitch.

A Gruesome Season for Norwich

West Ham beat Norwich 4-0, further worsening Norwich’s chances of salvaging themselves from relegation. Norwich has done quite poorly in what has been a gruesome season and are looking to be relegated. With other good clubs in the second-tier league like Brentford was, teams in the EPL really need to up the ante or be replaced by better upcoming teams.

Liverpool and Manchester City Still on a High

In other EPL Gameweek 36 results, Liverpool beat Aston Villa 2-1 as Man City beat Wolves 5-1. In comparison, City are in a much better position score-wise as they don’t have any UEFA Champions League final to train for. As such, unlike Liverpool, City only have the EPL to worry about while Liverpool are torn between training as adequately as possible for the UCL Final and still trying to upend City’s lead in the EPL.

A Well Rounded Chelsea

Chelsea beat Leeds 3-0 in Gameweek 36 further compounding how well the team has become organized. Chelsea have managed to stay well-rounded despite their early UCL exit and have kept on gaining traction in the Premier League. Chelsea are definitely going to end up in the top four and Tuchel will be back next season in the Champions League to make things right.

Leicester beat Norwich

In other results, Leicester beat Norwich 3-0 as Everton drew Watford 0-0. Leicester are not a bad team, similar to Everton, and they both can do very well if they get everything together i.e. their leadership on and off the pitch, good management and strategies, and a hunger for winning.

Tottenham beat Arsenal

Tottenham beat Arsenal 3-0 in EPL Gameweek 36 and as we have pointed out, are hot on the heels of Arsenal for the number four slot in the EPL standings. With just two gameweeks left, position four is for any of the two, especially the team that really makes a strong push in the coming weeks.

EPL Table

The EPL table more or less reads like an album list with teams still maintaining their positions as the league nears a close. Manchester City are still atop now with 89 points, closely followed by Liverpool with a slightly further 86 points. Chelsea are third, having done remarkably well, with 70 points. In fourth place is Arsenal with 66 points, closely trailed by Tottenham who have 65 points. Coming in at sixth place is Manchester United with 58 points, followed by West Ham who have 55 points. In eighth place is Wolves with 50 points, followed by Brighton with 47 points.

Crystal Palace and Everton Struggle to Finish in the Top 10

In tenth place is Leicester with 45 points, a slight improvement, followed by Crystal Palace with 44 points who slightly fell back. At twelfth place is Aston Villa with 43 points, closely followed by Brentford and Newcastle who are thirteenth and fourteenth consecutively, also with 43 points. At fifteenth place is Southampton with 40 points, followed by Everton who are sixteenth with 36 points. At seventeenth place is Burnley with 34 points, closely followed by Leeds who open up the relegation spot, at eighteenth place also with 34 points. At nineteenth place is Watford with 23 points, only trailed by Norwich who are twentieth having only managed to bag a mere 21 points.