EPL GW 14 Results - Arsenal and Man United Shine as Liverpool and Chelsea get Beat

In some strange twist of fate, and a seemingly clear favor from the football gods, Arsenal are back on fire, after a morale-dampening 1-1 draw with Southampton in EPL GW 13.

EPL GW 14 Results - Arsenal and Man United Shine as Liverpool and Chelsea get Beat
Liverpool got their behinds handed to them in a shock defeat by Leeds United. Source: Getty.

EPL Gameweek 14 was yet another thriller as Arsenal and Manchester United bagged somewhat impressive wins with their rivals Chelsea and Liverpool flopping badly. Arsenal hammered Nottingham Forest 5-1 as Manchester United beat West Ham 1-0. On their part, Chelsea were beaten a thorough 4-1 by Brighton while Liverpool were beaten 2-1 by Leeds United. The last line sounds funny but that’s EPL GW14 results for you.

An Arsenal that’s On Fire

In some strange twist of fate, and a seemingly clear favor from the football gods, Arsenal are back on fire, after a morale-dampening 1-1 draw with Southampton in EPL GW 13. It’s quite thrilling that an Arsenal that was poor, to say the least, last season is now bringing the heat and seating at the top of the EPL table. Arsenal’s goals included a brace by Reiss Nelson, and goals from Martin Odegaard, Thomas Partey, and Gabriel Martinelli.

Is it Gabriel Jesus that’s Bringing the Sauce to Arsenal?

Arsenal’s lead in the EPL Standings has a lot to do with them signing Gabriel Jesus from Manchester City. Even More, his influence on the club and their quality of play and game has been phenomenal. Jesus was particularly impressive in their game against Nottingham Forest and brought on a display of quality that we hadn’t seen from him even in his Man City days. He was so composed and so on point that Twitter was awash with praises for the Arsenal striker. Bravo Gabriel Jesus! Bravo!

Manchester United Finally Shaping Up as League Title Contenders

Well, Man United may not win any EPL trophies this season but they are getting back to shape to at least end up in the top four. Sitting in fifth place at the EPL Table at the moment, United have recently been showing better form and maybe Erik ten Hag’s tactical plan and strategy are beginning to show some results on the pitch. United beat West Ham 1-0 in EPL GW 14 thanks to a first-half goal by recently 25-yr old Marcus Rashford. Happy Belated Birthday Rashford!

Is Erik ten Hag’s Tactical Plan and Strategy Finally Working?

Yes. At least it seems so. Ten Hag’s tactical prowess is beginning to rub off on United’s players. Albeit with some difficulty, his strategy also seems to be having a positive effect on Manchester United on the pitch. I could even go as far as to say his no-nonsense approach also has something to do with United’s recent success.

Ten Hag’s No-Nonsense Approach to Coaching and ‘Beef’ with Cristiano Ronaldo

In my humble view, United’s recent form and impressive run have a lot to do with Erik ten Hag’s no-nonsense approach to coaching. This may have caused a rift or even ‘beef’ with star-player Cristiano Ronaldo but it worked. To make things clear, the ‘beef’ is just assumed and ten Hag has been clear that Cristiano is a phenomenal player and even started him during their match with West Ham. ten Hag’s no-nonsense approach has instead motivated the team and even shown them how important CR7 can be to  United and the younger players as a mentor and guide.

Chelsea get Beat by Brighton

Perhaps the most shocking (and thrilling) result for EPL Gameweek 14 was Chelsea getting beat by Brighton 4-1. Chelsea have had a lukewarm season, not too hot but also not too cold, and are currently in sixth place on the EPL table. Their shocking loss to Brighton had me thinking about whether the recent signing from Manchester City, Raheem Sterling, has had enough of an impact at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea’s lone goal was scored by Kai Havertz.

Is Raheem Sterling having Enough of an Impact at Stamford Bridge?

Probably not. Raheem Sterling is a phenomenal forward but is very reliant on a strong midfield to ‘supply the ball’. Chelsea’s midfield is light years away from Manchester City’s (no offense City :).

No Kevin De Bruyne Replacement for Sterling at Arsenal

More particularly, there is no Kevin De Bruyne to supply the air balls and the important through-passes for Sterling to work on and convert to goals. Even so, Chelsea has some impeccable talent like the likes of Ben Chilwell and many more and over time, Sterling will surely find the partner (and ‘ball supplier’) he needs.

A New Chelsea Manager

Sterling will need all the support he can get from new Chelsea manager Graham Potter as will the coach who’ll need him to be at his best. Chelsea’s new manager comes off as ‘lukewarm’ and I am not sure Chelsea made a wise choice to hire him on a five-year contract. Chelsea’s management could have just made a terrible flop by sacking tactical Thomas Tuchel. But that’s just me.

Liverpool Overpowered by Leeds United

A sentence I’d hoped never to write but: “Liverpool were, on EPL GW 14, overpowered by Leeds United” and beaten 2-1. I’m also yet to understand or comprehend why and how this happened but that’s what did occur. Liverpool keep going down the drain with yet another embarrassing loss. It seems that ‘the Reds’ didn’t have enough embarrassment after losing to Nottingham Forest, and were desperate for some more and got themselves beaten by Leeds United.

Aren’t the Losses Already Too Many for Liverpool?

Isn’t Liverpool sick of losing too many games already? Isn’t Jurgen Klopp already bored of having to explain why a very strong and capable Liverpool keeps getting thrashed by small teams? Isn’t this loss streak embarrassing enough for Anfield? Aren’t Liverpool’s star players upset? What is happening at Liverpool? Only Klopp Knows.

Other EPL GW 14 Results

In other EPL Gameweek 14 results, Manchester City beat Leicester City 1-0, Newcastle beat Aston Villa 4-0, Tottenham beat Bournemouth 3-2, and Crystal Palace beat Southampton 1-0. Brentford drew 1-1 with Wolves while Fulham drew 0-0 with Everton.

EPL Standings

EPL Gameweek 14 did little to upset the top of the EPL Table with Arsenal remaining at the fore with 31 points. Manchester City are in second place with 29 points, followed by Tottenham who are third with 26 points. A very improved Newcastle are fourth with 24 points.

In fifth place is Manchester United with 23 points, followed by a poorly-performing Chelsea who are sixth with 21 points. In seventh place is an also improved Fulham who have 19 points, followed by an also improved Brighton who are eighth with 18 points. Liverpool are a distant ninth with 16 points, followed by Crystal Palace who are tenth also with 16 points.

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