Evading Desire: Learning How to Not Want

Desire isn’t all that bad. It can be a good thing. For instance, if I desire to be better and to become a better person and version of myself

Evading Desire: Learning How to Not Want
Photo by Tai Jyun Chang / Unsplash

Desire is quite a stubborn thing in the human experience. It’s such a beautiful word though, Desire. Desire, however, can be the root of all suffering. Desire can bring down empires and create new ones. It’s less concerned about the subject of desire or the object of said desire but more about what it causes Kings and subjects alike, to do. By desiring something we all put ourselves up for likely suffering if and when we do not get it. As such, we ask isn’t evading desire the solution and if so, how then do we learn how to not want?

Wanting Confirms Lack

The act of wanting something or someone inherently confirms that you lack that thing or someone like that. For instance, if I want a lover then I am inherently confirming that I do not have one and intrinsically that there is no romantic love in my life. That may not be necessarily true but this desire for a lover creates the misery of lack and knowing that this is what I lack and do not have. Similarly, if I want or desire a job then I am saying to myself that I do not have a job and that my projects may not be worthy of being referred to or regarded as work or my job.