Fighting Anxiety and How to Live an Anxiety-Free Life

When this anxiety of failure, brokenness, or loss becomes taken away, and you let it go away from you, you allow yourself to grow and achieve all the things you have wanted and want.

Fighting Anxiety and How to Live an Anxiety-Free Life
Photo by Uday Mittal / Unsplash

Fighting anxiety is a part of life, and life can entail numerous anxieties due to the perpetual fact that we humans do not have all the answers. We mostly don’t have most answers and are bound to remain in numerous fears or anxieties while trying to figure out what will happen, when it will happen, or why it will happen. Such unknowns are what cause anxiety. An excellent example is the loss of life or death, and the anxiety potential it has. Death is a big unknown in life, and if one allows themselves to be disturbed by it, then they may create anxiety for themselves.

Anxiety as a Condition and Disorder

Anxiety is a condition or a disorder such as Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, and can get treated using therapies, including Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT. Treating anxiety can be a lengthy and complicated process where the individual suffering from the condition has to get reconditioned to face anxieties and recondition their thinking in terms of what anxieties mean and what they lead them to do. Anxieties are fears or phobias that one should not concentrate their time or energy on. Life is meant to entail innumerable unknowns.

Accepting that We Can't Have All the Answers

We should all accept that we will lack a lot of answers. We may not have the reasons why and probably we will never have to some questions such as why people die. If one does not allow themselves cynical intrigue by anxiety, they can ensure that they stay healthy, and take care of their mental health.