Forrest Gump Movie Review

Love eludes Forrest but he doesn’t give up. He holds dear his love for Jenny and never lets go.

Forrest Gump Movie Review
Tom Hanks stars in Forrest Gump. Source: Netflix.

There are a few movies in the world that can make a man cry such as Forrest Gump can. An all-time classic, Forrest Gump takes us through the journey of the life that is Forrest Gump’s. Gump is born with a below-average IQ and develops a weakness in his back and is unable to walk as a child. He, however, grows up to achieve much more including a love that has eluded him all his life.

A Child With Disability

As a child with disability, Forrest Gump is not afforded any breaks by his peers. He, however, meets with and bonds with Jenny, who ends up becoming his lifelong love. Jenny eludes Gump for almost all her life and is herself, finding herself. She hurts a lot from abuse and mistreatment in her life. She gets herself into physically abusive relationships and drug abuse but eventually finds her way back to the one person that truly loved her, Forrest Gump.


Forrest Gump is wildly successful in his life. He goes through school and makes it to college where he graduates 🎓. He then goes on into the army and fights in the Vietnam 🇻🇳 war where he is awarded a medal of honor 🎖 for his bravery. During the war, he loses a close friend Bubba who he later honors in life by achieving his dream. Forrest ends up very wealthy despite his low IQ and has a huge impact on the lives of others, especially those close to him.

A Mother’s Love

Forrest’s mom is always there for him. She raises him as a normal child and undertakes huge sacrifices to ensure that he goes to school and grows up to be successful. She raises him with a tender heart and gives all she can to be there for him. Forrest doesn’t disappoint her and makes her so proud beyond what she thought was possible.


Forrest is present in numerous historical events in America all through the sixties to the eighties. He is always in the right place at the right time and plays a small role in the collective memory of history as it unfolded. Unaware of the impact of his presence at the time, he ends up showing all of us how one life could be so big albeit with struggles.


Love eludes Forrest but he doesn’t give up. He holds dear his love for Jenny and never lets go. He loves her even when she leaves and keeps his heart and home open for her. As blind as his love for her is, it’s true and sincere and he loves her unconditionally. Even though it may not be right to love someone who has left and allow them to love and leave you again, Forrest holds on and eventually receives love back from Jenny. The story is a touching heartthrob of what true love is.

Our Rating

Forrest Gump is more than a thrill to watch. It’s an experience. We loved the movie so much that we are sure to rewatch it again and again. It gives strength, and wisdom and shows the value of people in our lives. We loved the movie so much and give it a 9/10. Be sure to watch it and take your time to absorb and digest the lessons that it teaches.