Get Reliable Cloud Hosting from Cloudways - Our Recommendation

Cloudways are a cloud-hosting platform that brings together various cloud-hosting providers into their platform.

Get Reliable Cloud Hosting from Cloudways - Our Recommendation
Cloudways is a managed cloud-hosting platform recently acquired by DigitalOcean. Source: Cloudways.

Cloudways are a cloud-hosting platform that brings together various cloud-hosting providers into their platform. Cloudways are super reliable and are the web hosting provider we use for all our 12 sites and e-commerce store.

What We Like about Cloudways

Automatic Backups

Cloudways have very intricate backup mechanisms meaning that in case of anything you can always go back to a saved backup. They have the option to backup your apps and sites automatically and that will ensure that you will always have a recent backup that you can go back to.

The Ability to Upgrade or Downgrade Your Servers

You may need a sudden boost in your server capacity and for some of the cloud providers on Cloudways, you are able to upgrade your server and server resources to a bigger and more capable server. Additionally, if you feel that you have an excess of resources or do not need as much anymore, you can always downgrade your server and save some money by giving up some of the resources you don’t need.

The Ability to Pause or Stop Servers

Cloudways also allows you to stop your servers when they’re not in use, thus avoiding paying for resources and servers that you are not using. For instance, you may have been testing a site in beta and have done all the tests you need and since it is not live yet, you don’t necessarily need the server to be running and incur costs. As such, you can easily stop the server and retain the data.

Hourly-Based Billing System

Cloudways also bills on a Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) system where you only pay for the time your server has been operational. As such, payment is billed hourly and if you run your server for a few days and stop it, you will only pay for those few days and not have to pay for the whole month just to use a server for a shorter while.

Efficient and Reliable Support

Cloudways also offers an efficient and reliable support service that you can always reach out to and have any issue sorted out, at any time of day or night. The usual waiting time once you request to talk to a person is less than five minutes and you will get qualified assistance as per your issue be it technical, billing, or otherwise.

The Drawbacks of Cloudways

The support teams at Cloudways are only equipped to deal with server-side issues and not application issues. As such, if you have a WordPress application issue, the team will be limited in how they can assist you. However, if your issue is server-related, the support team is well-equipped and capable of sorting the issue out for you.

Where to Get a Cloudways Plan

Cloudways have been in touch and have asked that we offer you a FREE 3-Day Trial. You will get 3 days to test any server you want, however big or small, and see whether you will enjoy better speeds and functionality.

You can get a 20% Cloudways Discount by using our promo code 'MANIA INC'. We may get a commission when you do or when you get a Cloudways plan via one of our links.

Cloudways also offers a WordPress migration tool and I would recommend that you clone your site on there just to test how well Cloudways cloud hosting will perform. If you like it you can plan to move over and if not, you’ll still have your site up and running on your old host without a fuss. Enjoy.