Harmonize Introduces His New Rwandese Girlfriend Phiona

The Tanzanian singer went on to share that he is buying a house in Rwanda, just to be close to his new love.

Harmonize Introduces His New Rwandese Girlfriend Phiona
Harmonize has a new Rwandese girlfriend by the name of Phiona. Source: B5.

Tanzanian singer Harmonize has taken to Instagram to introduce his new Rwandese girlfriend Phiona. Phiona, it seems, has broken the coldness of Harmonize's heart after the singer had attested he will not love again after yet another breakup with his on-and-off ex-girlfriend Kajala.

Harmonize to Phiona: "You over every girl I have met in my life"

Harmonize went on to shower his new girlfriend Phiona with praises saying, "You over every girl I have met in my life". Harmonize also attested that when one is famous and has money, it is very difficult to know who is real to you. Harmonize said that he's known Phiona for over four years, that she had "been around" all this time, and he finally feels that he loves her. In his words "LOVE YOU DEEP DOWN".

A screenshot of Harmonize's instastories where he introduces his new girlfriend Phiona
Harmonize took to his Instastories to introduce his new girlfriend Phiona. Source: NGC.

Not So "Single Again"

The 'Single Again' hitmaker is not so single anymore after he attests that he is deeply in love with the Rwandese beauty, saying that he is even considering tattooing her face on his body.

Watch the music video to Harmonize's 'Single Again' where he features a vixen who looks like his ex Kajala.

Harmonize recently covered up his tattoo of his ex-girlfriend Kajala with one of Mt. Kilimanjaro, and said that he will not tattoo anyone on himself again. He has, however, recanted and said that he is considering it once more, this time wanting to get a tattoo of Phiona's face.

Harmonize sharing on his instastories that he is considering getting a tattoo of Phiona, his new Rwandese girlfriend
Harmonize shared that he's considering getting a tattoo of Phiona, even as he'd sworn not to get a tattoo of anyone else after his breakup with Kajala. Source: NGC.