How Sitting is the New Smoking and Why You Should Move Away from a Sedentary Lifestyle

Sitting is the same as smoking and increases one’s risk of contracting cancer and becoming diabetic or obese.

How Sitting is the New Smoking and Why You Should Move Away from a Sedentary Lifestyle
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As we enter a new decade, we are faced with numerous health challenges and issues. Most of these are preventable, as others may not be preventable or even curable. While we work, we are mostly seated. We sit almost all day long and are less active or on our feet while undertaking our everyday tasks. Sitting is, no doubt, the new smoking.

How Sitting is as Harmful as Smoking

Smoking, as we know, is very harmful to one’s health. It especially increases one’s risk of contracting cancer and other lifestyle diseases, including diabetes and obesity. Sitting is the same and increases one’s risk of contracting cancer and becoming diabetic or obese.

Our bodies are meant to be mobile and to always be on the move. We should all, therefore, do our best to be active every day even while we work. Being active and avoiding sitting most of the time has the same health benefits as quitting smoking. Read more on how to quit smoking the realistic way below.

How to Quit Smoking the Realistic Way
Going cold turkey is presented as something that is easily doable and the ‘experts’ will tell you that you can quit smoking on a whim, and start your new life immediately. Total bs.

The Importance of Taking Breaks from Seating

When working while seated, one should take a break every thirty minutes and undertake a healthy activity such as stretching, walking, or jogging. Doing this would ensure that one stays active as much as possible and increases their wellness while reducing the likelihood of suffering a lifestyle disease.

30-Minute Active Breaks as a Way of Breaking Away from Sitting All Day While Working

Not everyone may have the opportunity to have a job that allows them relaxation and exercise time or even travels. Making time every thirty minutes would allow the individual to build on their physical health and wellness. Being healthy and active does not necessarily mean that one should attend a gym, even as that may be a way to seek professional fitness help. Anyone can undertake simple exercising activities and keep fit at home or work.

At-Home Exercising as a Way to Stay More Active and Not Just Sitting All Day

An excellent example of an at-home exercise and wellness activity is cycling. Cycling ensures that the individual burns many calories while bolstering their stamina, poise, and general wellness. Cycling may seem like a menial task but can be a very beneficial exercise activity.

Even when the individual may not have the ability to ride an actual bike, they can find a stationary exercise bike that they can use to exercise. A similarly beneficial activity is walking or running. It is recommended that one walks at least 10,000 steps a day. This way, they can burn enough calories and improve their well-being.

Using an Activity Tracker to Gauge Your Daily Activity

The advent of technology has also meant that there are numerous activity-tracking apps that one can use to gauge their daily activity. The use of such apps can help an individual motivate themselves and set some time apart to undertake exercises daily. One can use such apps to set fitness reminders and goals to motivate themselves to exercise and complement their health and wellness.

Avoiding Sitting and Moving Away from a Sedentary Lifestyle

The world is becoming ever increasingly busy, and we all need to find ways to avoid sitting for most of the time every day. When one allows themselves time to be out and about, they strengthen their physical health and bolster their mental health and well-being.

Taking a Walk and Keeping Fit instead of Staying In and Sitting

Even the simple act of going out and taking a five-minute walk can help individuals gather their thoughts and even increase their focus on the task they are undertaking. That is why it is important to take breaks in-between activities to get a few minutes of physical activity.

Online Fitness Classes to Help Undertake Exercise Activities Such as Yoga

Activities such as yoga can also be beneficial for those who are conversant with such exercises. For other exercises that are akin, one can undertake simple stretching exercises that one can learn online and through fitness videos.

Dancing and Ballet as Fitness Activities that You Can Undertake as Hobbies

Dancing and ballet can also be fitness activities as they involve moving and stretching to allow the body to lose calories and build on muscle strength. Dancers and acrobats will most likely be fit as they have developed balance and stamina over time as they take part in their crafts.

Dancing may seem like a hard job, but again, one can research some easy-to-do dance moves online, that would be a fun addition to daily exercises. When one exercises and avoids being seated most of the time, their body is revitalized.

How Exercises Nourishes Your Mind

The mind also relies on the body’s wellness to stay refreshed, and those who exercise often will enjoy mental clarity, focus, and increased mental acuity. In a way, exercising recharges the body and, consequently, the mind.

Exercising should be thought of in that way, as a way to recharge the body and the mind. Sitting, on the other hand, is like discharging the body while not replenishing its energy. As such, being active reinvigorates the body and the mind and goes a long way in assisting the individual to lead a more healthy and fulfilling life.

When was the last time you danced or had a jig?

Using Fitness Technologies as a Way to Avoid Sitting and Be More Active

The use of fitness technologies can also be a huge plus for any fitness enthusiast as such technologies assist in health measurement and also in logging health details and activities. For instance, using a running tracker app can assist the individual gauge how long and how far they can run daily.

The app can also help the individual measure how far they run for a certain period, and what effect the running has had on their body metrics including weight, heart rate, and also BMR or basal metabolic rate. All these factors and metrics can be effectively monitored using fitness and health technologies; that would assist the individual to undertake fitness activities in a more measured way.

Simple Exercises as the First Step in Moving Away from a Sedentary Lifestyle

Fitness can be quite scary in principle if the individual has not yet discovered simple and everyday achievable ways to exercise. It needs not be a commitment to a gym and can be a fun, measured, and simple way to bolster one’s overall health and their immune system.

It now makes sense, more and more, to have had physical exercise or PE lessons in school. Those were very helpful classes and sessions that helped us, the pupils, break the monotony of being in class all day or all week. Physical exercise makes even more sense as one gets older, and is more inclined to spend a good part of the day seated while working.

Physical Exercise Sessions as Another Alternative to Avoid Sitting All Day

We should all have physical exercise sessions that we curate for ourselves to undertake physical exercises when possible, and regularly. We can also make such exercise more fun by inviting our friends and loved ones to join us. Fitness needs not be boring or gloomy. It can be upbeat, fun, and motivating.

Doing Group Fitness Sessions Online to Help Exercise During the COVID-19 Lockdowns

Even undertaking it with others can help one not feel discouraged, or feel like they are failing or struggling too much, by seeing others struggle and persevere too. I think that is why gyms are communal places as being there struggling to keep fit together motivates everyone to push even harder and to go even further with their exercising. Avoid sitting too much or for too long. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Take a walk, get some air, and jog a little. How else will you discover the health benefits of being active?

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