How to Ensure Your Own Personal Security

Every one of us should instigate personal protection measures to ensure our personal security and overall safety.

How to Ensure Your Own Personal Security
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Personal security is all about self-securing and minimizing risks of injury or accidents. It is complemented by situational awareness, and an individual can ensure that they do their best to be safe, secure, and in good health. Security is one of the overarching factors in self-care, and that is why dignitaries and elites always stay guarded. Out of being successful or resourceful, one becomes targeted by all manners of malicious people and criminals. As such, securing yourself and learning the various ways to bolster your personal security is crucial.

Recognizing the Dangers and Risks in the Modern World

The modern world is full of dangers and risks, and depending on where you live, there can be a lot of crime or a lack of law and order. For instance, if you live in South Africa in a city like Joburg, you should always have situational awareness.

The Burgeoning Crime Rate in South Africa

Crime rates in South Africa have skyrocketed continuously over the years, due to increased inequality and an overall lack of social justice. There are complex issues in South Africa, such as Xenophobia, and discrimination, among others, and in terms of crime, it is the exception and not the norm. Similar unsafe or high-crime rates in parts of the world include Mexico and other parts of South America such as Venezuela.

The Illegal Drug Trade in Mexico and the Authoritarian Government in Venezuela

The illegal drug trade has continuously victimized Mexico, and thousands have lost their lives over the decades. Venezuela, on the other hand, has been brought to its knees by an authoritarian government that won’t relinquish power. The social fabric of Venezuela, in particular, remains continuously torn due to increased corruption and a misplaced socialist notion of leadership.

The Increasing Need for Urban Dwellers to Bolster their Personal Security

In cities such as these and others, there is an increasing need for all individuals to ensure that they do their best to bolster their personal security. It is not to say that there are no legal authorities or police officers and law enforcement all over the world. These authorities are there and can be called upon to assist with any law and order matters.

However, beyond being secured as part of society, we all need to secure ourselves. For instance, you would not want to be in an alley at 1 am in the morning for whatever reason. By the various ways human behavior is configured, one can easily increase the level of risk and danger to themselves by failing in terms of or neglecting their personal security.

Increasing Crime Rates and Criminality and Why Everyone Should be Keen About their Own Personal Security

There is so much that is wrong with the world, including gun violence and other forms of violence and criminality. Every one of us should, therefore, instigate personal protection measures to ensure our personal security and overall safety. These can range from anything like carrying a taser or pepper spray, to learning martial arts. Depending on one’s location and culture, numerous approaches get utilized to secure the individual.

Learning Self-Defense as One of the Measures to Ensure Personal Security

The military trains soldiers on self-defense and the various ways to extinguish threats. Such training is very crucial to ensuring that an individual has the power to defend themselves and others around them in case the need arises. Such is one of the arguments for conscription or a mandatory military draft. By acquiring military training, individuals can learn crucial skills that would help them navigate life and the risks of the modern world.

Recognizing Vulnerability and Putting in Place Personal Security Measures

Personal security is crucial for all of us, especially for those who are vulnerable. Women and children get taught the simple approaches they can take to ensure their personal security. For instance, if a child gets taught to memorize their parent’s phone number from a young age, then if the child ever got lost, authorities can quickly trace their parents. It means that as part of ensuring personal security and the security of their children, parents should always be reachable on the phone and ensure that in case of anything, they can respond in good time.

Being in a Place of Protection or Near Protection

To protect against any discrimination, abuse, or violence, including rape, women should always be in a space where they have protection and a protector nearby. That is, not being alone somewhere at night or in a hazardous environment such as an alley in the middle of the night. Intoxication and drug abuse increase the risk of injury, and we should all be cautious to avoid intoxication and drug addiction.

The Dangers of Partying when it Comes to Personal Security

Parties, especially house parties, can be hazardous, especially when the attendees are intoxicated, and their inhibitions get lowered. Everyone should be conscientious when attending a party at someone else’s house. It is advisable to always be in a public place for any parties or events. However, if you chose to go to a house party, ensure your friends tag along.

Drugs and Alcohol in House Parties and How they Curtail Personal Security

Partake in drinks considerably and don’t get intoxicated. House parties and an environment of imbibing alcoholic beverages can increase the risk of harm and lower personal security. It is always advisable not to be too trusting, and women and other risk groups, primarily, should always ensure that within the party, they are visible and can see their friends. One should not enter any rooms where it is dark or cordoned off from the rest of the party and knowing when to go home can increase personal security, and remove the individual from likely harm.

How often do you party?

I am not saying that parties are adverse or house parties are adverse, all I am saying is that be conscious and situationally aware. Putting yourself in a threatening or compromising situation would only increase the risk. If anything happens, however, the individual should report the incident to the relevant authorities immediately and seek medical help.

Not Putting Yourself in Harm's Way

Do not put yourself or others in harm’s way, and when you suspect wrongdoing, you can intervene and seek assistance from law enforcement. Be safe and stay safe. Any sexual contact should be consensual, and consent should be expressed actively and not passively. It should also be in a non-incapacitated and non-intoxicated context, and consent should be expressed clearly and in a sober state.

Safety Practices to Ensure Personal Security

Personal security is essential, and it is very crucial to have knowledge of and undertake safety practices. Generally, the risk of something terrible happening is almost zero. However, you never know, and by not protecting yourself, you would likely suffer harm or injury. Individuals operating machines and driving vehicles should also ensure that they have situational awareness.

Avoiding Intoxication

They should avoid intoxication as that would only increase the risk of harm to themselves and other drivers around them. Having the proper channels to seek help is also part of personal security. As such, we should all familiarise ourselves with the security facilitations in place. Reporting an incident would also ensure that one stays protected from repeated injury or abuse and that one can get the medical or counseling help they need. Please do not remain in a harmful or abusive situation and always reach out to and have a support system.

Reporting Incidents to Avoid Reoccurrence and Help Improve Everyone's Personal Security

When you suspect something is awry, it is safer to report it and ensure that you are protected and help protect those around you. When outdoors or taking part in outdoor activities such as hiking or skiing, please have somebody accompany you. Have the means to communicate and find out the weather forecast. The same holds for travel. You don’t want to be on a journey and get hit by a blizzard or excess snow or flooding.

The Weather as a Risk to Personal Security and How to Protect Yourself

The weather can be a risk to personal safety, too, and having all this information before making choices on how, when, and where to spend your time can be the difference between being secure and suffering injury or harm. We all have the responsibility to take care of ourselves and others as a way to ensure that we are all safe and secure.