How to Stay In Like a Pro and Why It is Important to Relax

Gone are the days when only a single or few companies could conjure movies. There is freedom now.

How to Stay In Like a Pro and Why It is Important to Relax
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The art of staying in is a mastery that only a few can truly attain. Ask an Italian how to have real pleasure, and they’ll tell you it’s visiting a pizzeria, having a cappuccino, some pasta at the outdoor restaurant, and watching a football match in a pub while downing a drink. That is Italian pleasure, but pleasure for an average joe without all that social clout or even enough friends to indulge with is simply staying in. Merely being in the house all day doing something that they enjoy.

Sleeping In for Maximum Relaxation

Staying in starts with sleeping in. It's all about finding a weekend or in the current pandemic, any day or week to just stay in the house. Sleeping-in is getting out of bed say 10 in the morning, and drowsy and walking to the kitchen to fix up a coffee. The art of staying in then commences, and it’s all about relaxation.

How to Use Reflection and Mindfulness as a Mode of Relaxation

Ask an Indian guru how to relax, and they will probably tell you it's all about reflection. Letting your mind become open and letting go of the grief, sadness, and pain, and allowing the world to flow in—the beauty, the chaos, the symmetry, nature, and how it all comes together.

Why It is Fun to Just Stay In and Watch TV

Stay-ins are moments of utter joy and careless fulfillment. I say careless to mean without a care in the world. In the last century, it was unheard of just to stay indoors, and this got mostly reserved for small children, the elderly, and those who were ill. However, with the advent of cable and now on-demand TV, staying in has become much more fun and cheaper. The current lockdown has exacerbated the situation, and now it is advisable to do just that, stay in.