How to Tell that He Loves You: A Ladies' Guide to Being Shown Love

When a man is in love, he'll most definitely admire the object of his affection: you.

How to Tell that He Loves You: A Ladies' Guide to Being Shown Love
Photo by Candice Picard / Unsplash

Love can be quite confusing especially when you are not sure what to look out for when you are falling in love and not quite sure if he loves you back. This one is for the ladies and my goodness! What a question. Let's delve in and see the signs that show that he loves you.

11 Signs That He Loves You

He Gets Into Deep Meaningful Conversations with You

Ladies will almost always ignore this but you can tell a man loves you if he gets into deep meaningful conversations with you. For instance, if he speaks about things like raising a family, what that means to him and his childhood experiences, or what he thinks parents should be like, then he definitely is in love with you. A good sign is when you guys spend hours on end having these deep meaningful conversations.

He Always Stares at You

When a man is in love, he'll most definitely admire the object of his affection: you. He'll stare at you, especially when you are doing naturally ladylike things such as preparing a meal or folding clothes. He'll sit there and stare and it might be a little annoying to you but this whole time he's assessing whether you are someone he can be with long-term. If he stares, that is a really good sign that he is in love with you.

He Asks for Your Advice and Opinion

Another tell-tale sign that he loves you is when he asks for your opinion or advice. He'll just sit down with you and unravel a situation that he is going through and ask for your thoughts. In these moments, be supportive, as men are really looking for a woman who is supportive, comforting, and will give sound advice.

He Can't Get Enough of You

When a man is in love, he'll always express his love physically by holding and caressing you. It's only natural and some of us will come up, hug you from behind and kiss you on the neck. If that happens often, know that you are loved and there is something special between you two. Be sure to nurture that.

He Protects You

This may sound cliche but a man who loves you will protect you. He'll protect you from physical harm but he'll also protect your feelings. He won't let anything hurt your feelings and even when you're down and stressed, he'll be there to console and comfort you.

He's a Teddy Bear

Men can be fierce, and even fierce-looking out in the world but when they get to the woman they love, even the biggest grizzlies become teddy bears. He'll come to you, hug you tight and lay his head on your chest, and just be a baby and a teddy bear around you. As the saying goes, there is a child in every man.

He Shows You Off

A huge sign that he loves you is when he shows you off. I know this may be particularly troublesome in the age of social media and online relationships, but he'll at least show you off to the people that matter to him. That could be his friends, family, colleagues, and even relatives. When he shows you off and boasts about you two, then it is a clear sign that he loves you.

He Listens

A man who listens and listens keenly to a woman is a man in love. If he loves you he'll listen to you blabber about the coffee shop attendant who put too much sugar in your coffee or the receptionist who's always looking at you funny at work. He'll sit there, listen to you, and try to comfort you in any way he can. A man in love will always listen.

He Cares

You'll know he loves you when the little things matter to him as much as they matter to you. He'll show you that he cares by being there for you and helping you deal with what you are going through in any way he can.

He Celebrates You

He loves you if he celebrates you. He'll be very proud of you and will celebrate your achievements as his own. He'll encourage you to keep winning and will provide you with a supportive and nurturing environment to keep growing and glowing.

He Shows His Vulnerability

Another sign that ladies will mostly ignore is that a man will show you he loves you when he is comfortable being vulnerable to you. A man in love will always be open and show his vulnerability. He'll feel comfortable showing weakness to you, and even sometimes cry when things get too tough for him. This is a chance to show him that you love him too, by being supportive and comforting, and giving him one of those warm teddy bear hugs!