Innovation in the 21st Century and What It Will Mean for the Future

Innovation has fueled growth tremendously over the last three decades. It has been one of the most productive times in the world when it comes to automation and what machines and technological systems can do.

Innovation in the 21st Century and What It Will Mean for the Future
Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng / Unsplash

Innovation is at the very core of what we, as the human species, can achieve. Think of the telegram and today’s instantaneous smartphone applications that you can not only send messages on but also call and text in the same app. We have not only surpassed mobile communication, but technology has gone even further to allow for face-to-face virtual interaction.

Why Innovation is so Extraordinary

It may seem like something ordinary, but only thirty years ago, it was unthinkable that we would reach not only mobile telecommunications for calls and texts, but also live video chat and two-way video communication. The ease at which technology has facilitated such implementation is also quite astounding. The market has become so proliferated with such solutions that it has become normal to expect such cutting-edge technology in the palm of our hands.

Innovation in Technology in the 21st Century

Technology is not the only field that has shown innovation, numerous other sectors and industries have contributed to the development of the world to the point it has reached. These include the energy sector, transportation, manufacturing, logistics, supply, and many others. All these have worked together to improve and steer entire industries. There have been three industrial revolutions, and the world is looking to industry 4.0.