Intended Bliss with Phenny Yengo

Phenny is a beautiful young lady. She is fly and she is such a beautiful soul. She is someone that one can talk to and she listens.

Intended Bliss with Phenny Yengo
Phenny Yengo. 

The ‘Intended Bliss with Phenny Yengo’ photoshoot is a photoshoot I went on with Phenny Yengo, my longtime friend. Phenny and I met in school and we have been friends ever since. We linked up on a beautiful sunny day and decided to go for a photo shoot to try and create some magic. A few photos later and the ‘Intended Bliss’ photoshoot came to life. Intended Bliss speaks to intention and bliss or absolute or perfect happiness and freedom. It celebrates joy, youth, and being intentionally happy. The photoshoot inspires one to choose to be happy and to understand that they are their own main source of happiness.


To elevate, one has to free their mind, heart, and soul and open themselves up to possibility. The photoshoot turned out really well and Phenny did such a good job modeling, as did I. One of the things that I enjoy most about going on photoshoots is having my muse also take pictures of me. Most times photographers lock out their subjects from getting a chance to touch the camera and learn how to take photos. For me, I feel that it is important for anyone going on a photoshoot to at least get hold of the camera and learn a thing or two. It also makes me as a photographer more visible and allows the muse to take some pictures and also celebrate the photographer. Here are some pictures.

Perfect Happiness

The notion of bliss or perfect happiness or joy is a heavy subject. Life has its ups and downs and most time there will lack that bliss or the kind of freedom that could be termed as nearing absolute. Freedom is also quite the subject as most times we are our own impediments to freeing up and in a way, letting go. I feel like we fail to understand that life is alive and that life itself has a life of its own and evolves over time. The evolution of life is precious and I would even go as far as to say, sacred. A perfect example is my relationship with Phenny.

We have grown to be more candid about what we are going through in our lives. We have grown to talk and listen more and to be there for each other as friends. Phenny listens and is keen to hear my viewpoint and also how everything is going. She has taught me to be a good listener too and to open up and not keep things bottled up. She also asks about what I do, the blogging, vlogging, and content creation, and how it is going. I feel that it is so important to listen to your friends and also to speak up and open up about what we are going through.

No One has Everything Figured Out

No one has everything figured out in life and we are all discovering and figuring out life as we go. We are susceptible to seeing life as a maze but it is more of a journey. It has no clear end and even when it is time to move on to the afterlife, we never really know that time has come. The mystery or lack of answers in life should not be an impediment or source of anxiety, however, but a tenet of life. Not knowing is part of and the puzzle of living and calls for one to have faith and trust in the process or journey of life.

When you are able to let go and step back, then you can attain freedom. The same goes for when you let go of people and things. When you allow yourself to let go, you signal to life that you are ready to open yourself up to new chances. You tell the universe that you are ready to take a chance and you invite it to bring new things and new people into your life. As a result, you evolve and become a newer and better version of yourself. Most importantly, you become a free person and open yourself up to perfect happiness or bliss. This is what I am referring to as ‘Intended Bliss’. Intended because you have let go and opened up yourself to new possibilities and bliss because you attain freedom and absolute happiness and joy as a result.

A Beautiful Soul

Phenny is a beautiful young lady. She is fly and she is such a beautiful soul. She is someone that one can talk to and she listens. I think that that is such a wonderful gift to have. The ability to listen. Most times our relationships fail because we lack the patience, openness, and keenness to listen. We close ourselves up to new ideas, new people, and new things. We hold on so tightly to what we think we have, leaving no chance for the universe to surprise us. We try and consolidate what we think is already there and are so heartbroken when we lose something or someone. Loss and letting go are part of evolution and I think everyone should open themselves up to evolving.

After all, the evolution of man has proven that the human species is constantly evolving, albeit over thousands of years. Thinking of it this way, we are at a point between two states of evolution and that presents a momentous and precious chance to try and shape the next evolved species. We have the ability, I believe, to mold ourselves into better, happier, and freer beings. After all, a life lived in freedom is far more precious than one riddled with holding on too tight or owning things and feeling like you own people. I believe that is what causes us a lot of pain, much to the detriment of intended bliss, and the potential of mankind to be perfectly happy and free.