Is Cristiano's Move to Al Nassr His Way of Retiring?

From the looks of it, Ronaldo is in his sunset years in football.

Is Cristiano's Move to Al Nassr His Way of Retiring?
Ronaldo is now a Saudi Arabian club footballer. Source: Marca.
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Cristiano Ronaldo had a terrible 2022 and he capped off the year with his explosive interview with Piers Morgan that ultimately led to the termination of his contract with Man United. As the heat on that interview was cooling down, Cristiano was off to play for his home country Portugal at the 2022 World Cup, leaving little room for him to contend with his future in football.

When Did Portugal Drop Out of World Cup 2022?

At that time was when it was rumored that Saudi Arabian club Al Nassr wanted him to play for them and were willing to part with a good chunk of cash to buy the G.O.A.T. Ps: Messi is the real G.O.A.T but let's also cut CR7 some slack. The World Cup came and went and Ronaldo failed to push his national team Portugal to the finals, losing out in the quarter-finals to Morocco. Morocco won the game 1-0, becoming the first African team to get to the semi-finals of the World Cup ever!

How Much is Cristiano's Contract with Al Nassr Worth?

Cristiano's move to Al Nassr will reportedly see him go home with 200 million Euros a year. CR7 signed a two-year-and-a-half deal with the Saudi Arabian club and expressed legitimate joy for going there. The contract Ronaldo signed is unique and he says he is also unique.

Will Cristiano Retire from Football Soon?

From the looks of it, Ronaldo is in his sunset years in football. CR7 is 37 years old and, in all honesty, nobody wants to be 45 and still playing club football. As such, CR7 is cutting his losses in the best way possible. He is a superhuman and even when cutting his losses he will be laughing hysterically to the bank.

Why Did Al Nassr Sign Cristiano?

The Saudi Arabian professional league, on its part, will get the limelight. CR7 brings with him a lot of eyes and ears and, for whatever it is worth, Ronaldo will bring the league and Al Nassr, his new team, some much-needed media attention all over the world.

This effect was also seen when players like Mbappe and Lionel Messi were signed by PSG and consequently propelled the French Ligue 1 to more of an international league. CR7 is set to do the same and we are keen to see what he cooks up. He'll play in the number 7 jersey as is custom.

Is this Ronaldo's Way of Resigning?

Yes and No.

Yes, because in his own words, his "work is done in Europe" and he has "won everything" there. As such, he seems to have sought a place to lay low but also have one last hurrah in his football career.

No, because CR7 still has a few cards up his sleeve and a lot of energy to go around. He is a football machine and will keep going until he can't anymore. In this light, moving to Al Nassr was his way to keep giving to the game and to have an impact elsewhere.

Will Cristiano Retire After His Contract with Al Nassr Ends?

We can't be really sure. Cristiano is a very determined player and might surprise us all with a new contract after this one lapses. He is also a parent and is involved in many other fronts and might hand up his jersey after the two years with Al Nassr. Either way, he'll remain a legend.

Is Cristiano the Greatest of All Time (G.O.A.T)?

Depends on who you ask. Cristiano is now the highest-paid footballer in history and, like it or not, only that makes him the greatest of all time if money represents actual value in this sense. He has won almost everything there is to win in football and his level of play is only matched or surpassed by one player in the entire world: Lionel Messi, World Cup Winner in 2022! Our G.O.A.T!!!!!!!!

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