Juliani and Lillian Ng’ang’a Make It Official

The internet has been raving for the last few days as Juliani has come out strongly asking people to let off on the goings-on between him and Lillian Ng’ang’a.

Juliani and Lillian Ng’ang’a Make It Official
Juliani and Lillian Ng'ang'a say they're consenting adults. Source: Standard.

Juliani and Lillian Ng’ang’a came out and made it official that they are in a relationship. The announcement was made by Juliani with the words “love, and let love,” saying that the two were consenting adults. Juliani and Lillian Ng’ang’a make it official just a day after he said that he had received death threats warning him against posing for or posting pictures with Ms. Ng’ang’a.

Juliani, on receiving the threats on his phone through a call and text recorded a statement at the Kileleshwa Police Station on Thursday. It seems, powers close to the governor, Alfred Mutua, are allegedly not pleased with the online display of affection between Juliani and the governor’s ex-wife Lillian Ng’ang’a. Juliani has been hinting for a few days about his new relationship saying that netizens can make their own “conclusions”. As for the death threats, he said that “usiaim kwa face” which translates to don’t aim for the face, and “I want to smile in my casket”.

Lilian's Body Language "Off" During Her Meet with Alfred Mutua

The internet has been raving for the last few days as Juliani has come out strongly asking people to let off on the goings-on between him and Lillian Ng’ang’a. Lillian, on her part, has been silent on the matter even as she attended the governor’s birthday party. At the party, Lillian seemed uninterested in what the governor was saying and according to those who can tell, her body language was off at the event.

One of our writers was keen to point out that she was leaning back, a show of disinterest and divestment, as compared to the governor who was leaning in. She was also sat in a position with her hands over her crossed-out legs, showing disinterest. According to those who are perceptive enough to realize, she was only there in body while her mind was elsewhere. The governor, on his part, seemed so interested and almost like he coveted his ex. Even at the cake-cutting part of the ceremony, Lillian Ng’ang’a seemed like she didn’t want to touch hands with the governor as they were cutting the cake. There’s a good chance that governor Mutua was trying to patch things up then, days before Juliani and Lillian Ng’ang’a make it official.

A Not-So-Cordial 'Cordial' Breakup

Now, with the developments over the last few months and the shining of the spotlight on the breakup between the two, it seems that all parties are not in agreement. The breakup, though presented as cordial, it seems, was a one-way decision made by Lillian to leave the governor. A whole slew of pictures was presented by Gossip enthusiasts that alleged that the governor likes his cake and has been spotted severally with a few ladies.

It’s intriguing that people go out of their way to document this and present the ‘tea’ with ‘evidence’. The governor, as such, could have been left due to infidelity or even, some would say, promiscuity. That leaves the question, did the governor cheat on his wife? And if so, when, how, and how many times? Again, who are these women the governor cheated with? When did it start and how long has Lillian had to condone such ill behavior?

"Stop the Threats!; Ukiachwa Achika!" - Juliani

After Juliani came out and said that he had been threatened, many netizens came out and asked the governor to accept the way things turned out. In local lingo, he was told “ukiachwa, achika”, which translates to if you’re left then be easy to leave and accept. However, it seems that the governor, an aspiring Presidential candidate, is not having any of that. He is said to be outright angry with how his ex and Juliani have been ‘parading’ their affection on social media and them being all cozy with one another.

Some have even gone as far as to allege that he could be involved with the death threats made to Juliani but nothing has been confirmed yet. The story goes that Lillian has been “tolerating” the governor and his unfaithful ways for a while. As is custom with netizens, some even broke out in laughter seeing how the governor has always been seemingly so in love and proud of Lillian and their union. For instance, there was a meme going around of governor Mutua saying how proud he is of his “baby” during her graduation ceremony sometime back.

An Unmoved On Broken-Hearted Alfred Mutua

As things stand, it looks like Alfred Mutua is the one who was left, and as per the events of the last few months, many say that he has not moved on. Others say that Lillian Ng’ang’a moved on too fast and that their new relationship with Juliani was announced too early via social media. According to ‘tea’ enthusiasts, Lillian should have taken some time to let things cool off and take at least a year before entering another relationship.

Others say that there is no set period to move on and expecting others to take as long as a year is prejudicial and it is not right to judge anyone who moves on faster and is able to move on before a year lapses. The moving on too fast narrative has been further pushed by those who think it would have been proper for Lillian to take some time, also to allow the governor to heal. One can imagine that it has been such a tumultuous time for him going through a very public separation with his now ex-wife and doing it while needing to make appearances as he is a public figure. Even more, the breakup happened as the governor is seeking to push his agenda in contesting for the presidential seat in the upcoming general elections in 2022.

What a Sh*tshow!

We think that as with all breakups and separations, one of the parties is likely to hurt more than the other and may have a harder time moving on. It does not help definitely, that for the governor, his ex-wife has now publicly been seen to enter a new relationship months after the breakup. It must be quite painful to be left and then your ex moves on quite fast, possibly leaving no chance or time for the both of you to patch things up. It is sad and for the governor, as he is a public figure, even more painful to lose his wife and the former ‘First Lady of Machakos’. He is a big boy, though, and he should find his way and move on. Even so, it is unacceptable that part of that could be the alleged death threats against Juliani.