Kaleidoscope Series Review

Every episode of Kaleidoscope is themed and named after a color.

Kaleidoscope Series Review
The cast of Kaleidoscope. Source: Netflix Tudum.

What a way to start 2023, Kaleoidoscope is a 2023 drama miniseries on Netflix that was just the perfect way to start our 2023. The series stars Giancarlo Esposito who plays Leo Pap, a convicted fellon who attemps the biggest heist in history. Leo recruits a crew to hit a vault that belongs to a financial security firm, SLS, headed by Roger Salas. Rufus Sewell plays Roger Salas, Leo's nemesis.


Every episode of Kaleidoscope is themed and named after a color. The series is arranged randomly meaning that we see what happens in the end before the series actually ends and before the last episode. The series is centered not on the heist itself, in deeper meaning anyway, but on the vengeance, betrayal and greed of the participants.

Leo's Crew

Leo is very keen to recruit the very best to be part of his crew. He starts with his former cellmate Stan, a smuggler, played by Peter Mark Kendall. Stan can get you anything, in and out of prison, and has a mind that can source anything. Second, Leo goes for Ava, long time fling and friend, played by Paz Vega. Ava is in a way Leo's fence but also has her own fence who they sell to stolen items to resell.

A criminal fence is a person who is sold to stolen items knowingly, with intent to resell them.

Judy and Bob

Leo goes on to recruit Judy, an explosives expert, and inadvertently has to recruit her husband, Bob, a ruggedy wild boar of a safe cracker. The crew is completed by RJ Acosta, a mechanic and car expert. Rosaline Elbay plays Judy Goodwin, Jai Courtney plays Bob Goodwin, and Jordan Mendoza plays RJ Acosta.


The heist at the SLS vault isn't so much about the seven billion dollars Leo and crew are going after. No. It's about getting his vengeance against Roger Salas. Salas did Leo wrong in a past life (before they both changed their names) and Leo went to prison. Leo lost everything and Roger was the one who took his life away from him. He [Leo] is blood thirsty for vengeance.


Leo's daughter Hannah, played by Tati Gabrielle, is a financial security expert. She had become estranged to her father after he went to jail. Leo, on being nabbed, after the heist that also took away his wife, left Hannah in the hands of Ava. Hannah is recruited by Roger to work at SLS and help him build up the business. As fate would have it, she becomes Leo's inside man at SLS.

Everybody Loses

In the end, the heist is successful but despite someone gaining a whopping $7 billion, everyone loses. They lose the people they care about so much, they lose themselves in pursuit of this huge payday. Leo, of all, gets his revenge but loses someone and something important, redemption.

Our Rating

Kaleidoscope is a must watch. Period. Hurry and go watch it. It's pure sublime with such an intertwined storyline and one delivered in such a 'thinking-out-of-the-box way' that just makes it pristine. We rate the series a 9.5/10 for just how good it breaks down the story. It gives what you would think would be the most suspenseful part away early but builds up even more suspense. You are left wondering what else could possibly happen.


Will there be a Season Two of Kaleidoscope?

Yes! There'll be a season 2 of Kaleidoscope and it will likely come around January 2024.

How many episodes are there in Kaleidoscope?

Kaleidoscope Season 1 has eight (8) episodes.

Who dies in Kaleidoscope Season 1?

Well, we don't wanna give you spoilers but just know a lot happens and yes, some people do die.

What is the best order to watch Kaleidoscope?

The best order to watch Kaleidoscope Season 1 in our view is as arranged by Netflix: Green, Yellow, Violet, Orange, Blue, Red, Pink, and White.

Where can I watch Kaleidoscope Season 1?

You can watch Kaleidoscope Season 1 on Netflix.