King Richard Movie Review

Richard, played by Will Smith, is keen to see his daughters become the best in the game of tennis.

King Richard Movie Review
Will Smith stars in Tennis Film King Richard. Source: Warner Bros.

King Richard is a 2021 movie about Serena and Venus Williams’ father, Richard Williams, and how he strived to ensure the girls are the best in tennis in the world. Richard was keen that his two girls would go down in history as tennis greats and he succeeded. The movie is produced by Tim White, Trevor White, Jada Pinkett, and Will Smith.

Love and Family

Richard, played by Will Smith, is keen to see his daughters become the best in the game of tennis. He jots down a 78-page plan about how he’ll accomplish that and trains/coaches his two daughters Venus Williams, played by Saniyya Sidney, and Serena Williams, played by Demi Singleton, to become the best. Richard beyond anything shows his love for his daughters and their family.

A Coach and Mum

His wife and the girls’ mother Brandi Williams, played by Aunjanue Ellis, is a focal point also in the training and coaching of the girls and their later success in tennis. Brandi, just like Richard, consistently coaches the girls and is there on the court supporting them and seeing them hone their tennis-playing skills in pursuit of world domination.

Rick Macci

Richard goes to tennis manager Rick Macci to seek him to coach the girls. Rick is impressed by how well the girls play and since he has a background in honing stars, accepts to take on the Williams duo. Rick enters a contract with the family and they move to Florida where the girls are trained in a proper tennis club and get better over time.


Richard, at first, refuses the girls to play in junior competitions even as those are usually the foundations of stardom. Instead, he feels that the girls should be let to be kids and enjoy their childhood. For three years the girls go without playing in any tournaments and instead continue their training. Funny enough, when the girls get to play after three years of being away, they quickly skyrocket to the top. As such, Richard’s hesitancy and patience were crucial to their success.

Our Rating

A very touching movie, King Richard is about family, sport, and success. It shows how the love of a parent can help mold a successful and family-centric individual. It’s also a movie about dreams, hopes, and aspirations with a keen message to always push on and keep fighting. We rate it 8.5/10 and love that is based on a true story. Will Smith also did a wonderful job of playing King Richard and won an Oscar for the movie. He slapped Chris Rock during the Oscars where he was awarded his Oscar. Enjoy.