Liverpool Levels Man United Days after CR7 Hat-Trick Saves United from Norwich Embarrassment

Man United looked deflated during their game against Liverpool and lacked the fervor to really give Liverpool a run for their money.

Liverpool Levels Man United Days after CR7 Hat-Trick Saves United from Norwich Embarrassment
Liverpool showed Man United who the real devils are. Source: ESPN.

Liverpool leveled Manchester United 4-0 days after Cristiano Ronaldo’s hat trick that saved United from an embarrassment by Norwich City. United luckily beat Norwich 3-2 thanks to Cristiano’s hat trick, his second now since rejoining Man United.

Liverpool are on a Roll

Liverpool are having a fantastic season despite being unable to unseat Manchester City from the top of the EPL standings. They walked all over Man United in a way that was both shocking and exciting to see. As a Man U fan, I have nothing to say about the loss, only that it has become the norm to be on the other end of a win and it sucks.

What is Wrong with Manchester United?

We honestly don’t know. Man United looked deflated during their game against Liverpool and lacked the fervor to really give Liverpool a run for their money. Even the goalkeeper, our favorite man, David De Gea seemed out of it during the game and could barely get to the ball when it mattered. De Gea has been as consistent as a well-oiled gun in United’s arsenal 😂😂 and seeing him that deflated sends all manner of warning signals to us the fans.

A New Coach for Man United ASAP

I hate to be the fan that always blames the coach but at this point, I think it’s crystal clear that United need a new coach. I have nothing against the caretaker coach but I’m rather disappointed at the club’s management for allowing this streak of losses to go on this long.

The owners too are to blame and together with the management seem to be latching on to bad or rather low-performing managers for no reason. They likely like the coach but it’s not about him or his wonderful personality. Rather, United needs a pep 😅🤣 of a man of action and that’s the only way their fortunes will overturn.

Liverpool’s Prospects for EPL Title Win

Only trailing Manchester City by a single point for a few game weeks now, Liverpool still retain huge prospects for winning the English Premier League. However, with only 5 gameweeks left and an ever-strong Man City jealously guarding their lead, Liverpool need to bring out their big guns 😉 if they are going to win the league this season. With just a few tweaks and a slight increase in morale, Liverpool could well lift the EPL title this season and retain their greatest of all time (G.O.A.T) status.

EPL Gameweek 33 Results - EPL 22-23

In other matches in EPL Gameweek 33, Brentford beat Watford 2-1, a continuation of their wonderful run as Arsenal floundered against Southampton who beat them 1-0. Arsenal are undoubtedly underwater at this point. Manchester United narrowly beat Norwich City 3-2, thanks to CR7’s hat trick and Brighton ended Spurs’ amazing run by beating them 1-0. West Ham drew Burnley 1-1 as Newcastle beat Leicester 2-1.

Leicester need a fundamental change to take them back to their glory days, without a doubt. Liverpool beat Manchester United 4-0, a continuation of United’s poor performance this season, and Man City continued their shine with a 3-0 win against Brighton. Newcastle beat Crystal Palace 1-0,  a confirmation of a good performance week for them and Everton drew Leicester 1-1. Arsenal came from behind to a surprising 4-2 win against Chelsea, ending the Blues’ wonderful run these past few weeks. Burnley, on their part, nipped Southampton with a 2-0 win against them.

EPL Table: League Standings

Manchester City are still atop the EPL table with 77 points, closely followed by Liverpool who have 76 points. City are well on their way to winning the EPL and more and more, there is little Liverpool can do to prevent that. Chelsea are third with 62 points, followed by an increasingly strong Tottenham who are fourth with 57 points.

Antonio Conte’s magic has worked since joining the club and Tottenham are likely to finish in the top four. A good manager will turn a club’s fortunes around in just a matter of weeks as did Conte. Arsenal are fifth also with 57 points, followed by a slightly improved Manchester United who are sixth with 54 points. Westham slumped to seventh with 52 points, as Wolves stay in eighth place with 49 points.

Leicester are ninth with 41 points, followed by Brighton and Newcastle both with 40 points. Brentford comes in twelfth with 39 points. Southampton are thirteenth also with 39 points, followed by Crystal Palace who are 14th with 37 points. Aston Villa are fifteenth with 36 points, followed by Leeds who are sixteenth with 33 points. In seventeenth place is Everton with 29 points, followed by Burnley who sit atop the relegation zone and are eighteenth with 28 points. At 19th place is Watford with 22 points, followed by league trailers Norwich City who are twentieth with 21 points.