Liverpool Nines Bournemouth as Manchester United One Southampton in EPL Gameweek 4

Liverpool went for the goal like the starting whistle was a gunshot. They quickly put the ones and twos together and had already scored two goals by the end of the first six minutes of the game.

Liverpool Nines Bournemouth as Manchester United One Southampton in EPL Gameweek 4
Liverpool's manager Jurgen Klopp. Source: Telegraph.

Liverpool astonishingly made a record-breaking comeback after they beat Bournemouth 9-0 as Manchester United only managed to beat Southampton 1-0. Gameweek 4 of the Premier League was nothing short of thrilling and it seems that it has now dawned on the teams that there’s a trophy to be won.

Taking it Back to ‘89

Liverpool made a thrilling comeback in their fourth game of the season after they beat Bournemouth a whopping 9-0. This was similar to their previous record 9-0 win against Crystal Palace back in 1989. The match against Bournemouth also set a record for the most goals the team has scored in the first half with 5 goals. Like a beautiful lullaby, Liverpool took it back to 1989.

Firmino the Centurion

Liverpool’s 9-0 win also saw Roberto Firmino become a centurion after scoring his 100th goal for the club. Firmino was furiously tactical during the game and let in two fast-paced brilliant goals before the dust could settle.

Have We Seen Liverpool this Lethal?

To be honest, no. Liverpool went for the goal like the starting whistle was a gunshot. They quickly put the ones and twos together and had already scored two goals by the end of the first six minutes of the game. Jurgen Klopp’s men weren’t even phased by their quick surge ahead. Instead, they took advantage of Bournemouth’s every mistake to hand nearly the whole team a spot on the scoreboard.

The Nine Goals

Luis Diaz opened scoring for Liverpool with the first goal in the 3rd minute. He made his scoreboard appearance a brace after scoring a second in the 85th minute. Harvey Elliott followed in the 6th minute as did Trent Alexander-Arnold in the 28th minute. Firmino came in with the fourth in the 31st minute and made it a brace in the 62nd minute. Virgil Van Dijk made it five in the 45th minute. Things got even better when Chris Mepham scored an own goal in the 46th minute. Liverpool’s Fabio Carvalho made it nine in the 86th minute just after Luiz Diaz’s second goal and minutes after Firmino’s second.

Trent Alexander-Arnold’s Impressive Goal

Trent Alexander-Arnold came in with a phenomenal right-foot strike that must have flown over a handful of defenders before netting in. Moments later, Virgil van Dijk came in with an awesome header right in the knockers and the game was already at 5-0 by the end of the first half.

Klopp’s a Legend

There’s no argument whatsoever that Jurgen Klopp is without doubt a legend. He’s a master of his craft and we can’t wait to see all the amazing things he’ll do with a team that’s as good as Liverpool.

Are Liverpool Really Title Contenders?

Yes. Liverpool really are title contenders. They may even unseat a well-poised Manchester City from the league championship this season. Leave alone the EPL, Liverpool are showing that they are also a team to watch out for in the UEFA Champions League.

A Bournemouth that Helped Defeat Itself

Bournemouth didn’t help the situation, however, and played a critical role in their record 9-0 defeat. The team made way too many mistakes in their box, literally handing Liverpool chances to convert. It was like Liverpool could just hang around Bournemouth’s box and an opportunity for a goal or two would likely present itself. According to their manager, Bournemouth need to decide how to help themselves. The manager also admitted that Saturday’s game was his worst, both as a player and coach.

Manchester United’s One Goal Against Southampton

Manchester United, on their part, only managed a single goal against a satisfactorily challenging Southampton. United could have done much better but gladly their lone goal was a high-quality one. It gives hope that United could be on a new path of success, not the embarrassing mess that has been taking place all along.

EPL Gameweek 4 Results

In other EPL Gameweek 4 games, Brighton beat Leeds 1-0, Brentford drew 1-1 with Everton, as did Wolves who drew 1-1 with Newcastle. West Ham, on their part, beat Aston Villa 1-0.

Dramatic Chelsea Manages to Edge Past Leicester City

Chelsea beat Leicester City 2-1, mainly thanks to their new forward Raheem Sterling who scored a brace. Leicester’s lone goal came from Barnes. The match didn’t miss its fair share of drama after Chelsea’s Conor Gallagher collected a red card after being shown two yellow cards. His inadequacy in composure meant that Chelsea had to persevere with a 10-man squad the rest of the game.

Manchester City Fours Crystal Palace

Manchester City beat Crystal Palace 4-2 in yet another display of form and aptitude. New City signing, Erling Haaland scored a hat-trick, sprinkling some of that German football magic all over the City of Manchester Stadium. Bernando Silva put in the first and only other goal for Man City. City, as expected, didn’t hesitate to pick the low-flying fruit as Crystal Palace paced through the pitch like headless hens trying to seal the holes letting the flood of goals in. City are staunch in their campaign and despite transferring out Gabriel Jesus and Raheem Sterling, remain very lethal.

Arsenal Twos Fulham

Arsenal beat Fulham 2-1 thanks to goals from Odegaard and former Man City forward Gabriel Jesus. Yes, Arsenal’s quality has definitely gone up since they brought in fresh faces, and no, their early 2022 transfer out of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang hasn’t helped them at all. Even so, Mikel Arteta still has a way to go and we are yet to buy into this new, ‘stronger’ Arsenal.

A Braceful Kane to Tottenham’s Rescue

To cap Gameweek 4, Tottenham beat newly promoted Nottingham Forest 2-0 in what was a yellow card-filled game. Tottenham's two goals were thanks to a brace from Harry Kane. Kane has continually been phenomenal for Tottenham and we are still intrigued by his capacity to keep the goals coming. The game against Nottm had a record 6 yellow cards given, one of them to Kane himself and 5 to Nottingham Forest’s players. Someone please teach the newly promoted team how to play fair. You can imagine all the stoppage time and disruptions the fouls caused.