Loot Season 1 Review

Loot is a 2022 series about a woman, Molly Novak who's handed $87 billion as a divorce settlement.

Loot Season 1 Review
Maya Rudolph gets a gigantic divorce settlement after her divorce and a monster mansion to go with it. Source: Apple TV +.
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Perhaps one of the most intriguing of storied comedy TV series, Apple TV+'s Loot is something special. Loot is a 2022 series about a woman, Molly Novak who's handed $87 billion as a divorce settlement after she discovers her husband of 20 years, John Novak, played by Adam Scott, has been cheating on her. Molly goes on a journey to discover herself, as she finds out who she is away from being a billionaire's wife.

Hailey... Really?

Molly Novak, played by Maya Rudolph, in her lavish birthday party celebration, discovers that her husband John is cheating on her with a younger lady by the name of Hailey, played by Dylan Gelula. Molly had been married to John for two decades, and she'd supported him back when he was coding in the basement before he became a tech titan and billionaire. She asks him, you're cheating on me with Hailey?.. Really?

'The One' Monster Mansion

One of the perks of being super rich that Molly enjoys is living in popular (or unpopular) L.A Monster Mansion, The One. She lives this grand life in what is essentially the biggest private house in America, with her own chef, a bowling room, a candy room, several pools, and more bedrooms than she and all her relatives can live in. Her life is grand as is the breathtaking mansion.

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Nicholas, played by Joel Kim Booster, is Molly's right-hand man and somewhat her concierge. He is always there for her, taking care of everything she needs (with her money, of course,... there's a lot of that) and they both adore each other. Nicholas is gay and he is very much a Ying to Molly's Yang.

Molly and Nicholas enjoying breakfast
Molly and Nicholas enjoying breakfast. Source: Apple TV +