Manchester City Draw Liverpool in a Possible Title Decider Plus EPL Gameweek 32 Results and Standings

Liverpool pulled a quick 46-second comeback just after the second half started. They took on fellow giants Manchester City bravely and were not cowered by being a goal down.

Manchester City Draw Liverpool in a Possible Title Decider Plus EPL Gameweek 32 Results and Standings
Man City met their equal in Liverpool even as they almost pulled a few fast ones. Source: Man City.

Manchester City drew Liverpool 2-2 on Sunday when the two title contenders went head to head in what was likely a title decider for the English Premier League this season. The draw gave each team a point, maintaining Manchester City's lead in the EPL Standings.

Lethal De Bruyne

Man City’s goals came from Kevin De Bruyne and Gabriel Jesus. Liverpool’s first reply was swift and came from Diogo Jota. The second came in the second half, just 46 seconds after the restart, from Sadio Mane who was also celebrating his 30th birthday. Sunday’s game was the first time that Liverpool went to halftime trailing, in a league match.

Missed Opportunities

The game could have seen more goals but Raheem Sterling's effort was denied due to an offside decision after a VAR review. Riyad Mahrez also made two good efforts that went wide. Liverpool’s Salah and Gabriel Jesus also made good efforts that just didn’t culminate in goals.

Liverpool’s Swift Comeback

Liverpool pulled a quick 46-second comeback just after the second half started. They took on fellow giants Manchester City bravely and were not cowered by being a goal down. Trailing City now with still one point and with seven games in hand, they may just upend City’s lead and defend their title win.

Who Will Win EPL 2021/22?

The question of who will win EPL 2021/22 is edging closer to an answer but it’s quite clear who the two main contenders are. The likely winner is either Manchester City or Liverpool. Man City have a very good chance of winning having put up a strong pursuit. The team has been remarkably consistent this season and have given Liverpool a run for their money.

Will Liverpool win the English Premier League 2021/22?

Liverpool, on the other hand, are quite a strong team themselves. It seems that they still have the inspiration and grit we saw last season and since they only need two points to go to the top of the EPL table, it would not be a surprise if they won the league.

EPL Gameweek 32 Results

In other matches in gameweek 32 of the EPL, Newcastle beat Wolves 1-0.

Tottenham on Fire after Son Hat Trick

Tottenham hammered Aston Villa 4-0. Son Heung-Ming scored a beautiful hat-trick cementing his prowess, especially in his duo with Harry Kane. The other goal came from a recent transfer from Juventus, Kuluveski.

Spurs are doing remarkably well as the season nears its end that if they retained the same energy next season, they would have real title contention capability. Whatever strategies Antonio Conte is giving to the boys, he should continue giving them. His strategies are very effective and have worked in a matter of weeks since joining the club as their new manager.

Chelsea Buries Southampton 6 Goals Below

Chelsea proved once again why they are Champions League contenders with a whopping 6-0 win against Southampton. Southampton were nearly sent to the other side in Saturday’s game, showing just how brutal Chelsea can be if they put their minds to it.

Brighton beats Arsenal

Arsenal went further down the rabbit hole on Saturday when they got a 2-1 beating by Brighton. Brighton upped the ante and reminded Arsenal that they need to pull up their socks or risk not even being top ten, leave alone the top four in the EPL. Arsenal need a miracle at this point, and probably a new coach to boot.

Another Manchester United Slump

Manchester United slumped once again on Saturday after losing 1-0 to Everton. It’s very embarrassing being a Man United fan and having to listen to your friends go livid about losing to Everton. At this point, we don’t even know what Man United need. We are bewildered I must say.

Is it a new coach? Well, probably. Manchester United is not a team to be left to a caretaker coach. Not at all. But even with one, United have such a good and star-studded team that they are the only ones to blame for their failure. They have Cristiano Ronaldo for heaven’s sake. What more could any team need?

Brentford, Leicester, and Norwich Shine

Brentford, Leicester, and Norwich brought some shine to their games after winning Sunday’s matches along with Man City.

Brentford Continue their Streak of Wins

Brentford, who have had an amazing run since being promoted to the EPL, pulled off yet another win when they beat West Ham 2-0. Brentford are really motivated and may one day get to the point that they end up top four, if not win the EPL. It’s totally possible, as was the case with Leicester in the late 2010s.

A Decent but Insufficient Run: Leicester beat Crystal Palace as Leeds Hammer Watford

Leicester, on their part, beat Crystal Palace 2-1. They have had a somewhat decent run the past few seasons but failed to do enough to really bring the heat. There’s definitely something holding them back. Leeds, in turn, came from the abyss to beat Watford an impressive 3-0. An unfortunate instance of a good effort too late in the EPL.

Trying to Get Out of the Abyss: Norwich beat Burnley

In what looks like an attempt to get out of the danger zone, Norwich beat Burnley 2-0 on Sunday. The win was Norwich’s first since January, a tell-tale of their terrible performance this season. They risk relegation as do Burnley. In a time when teams like Brentford are raring to get promoted to the Premier League, no team should be slacking off at any stage of the league.

English Premier League Standings

Manchester City remain on top with 74 points, closely trailed by Liverpool who have 73 points. Chelsea are third with 62 points, followed by Tottenham who have 57 points. Arsenal come in a surprising fifth with 54 points, followed by West Ham who have managed all of 51 points. In their typical slump, Man United are seventh with 51 points, followed by Wolves who have 49 points.

Leicester come in at ninth with 40 points, followed by Crystal Palace who have 37 points. In 11th place is Brighton with 37 points and in 12th place is Aston Villa with 36 points, followed by Brentford who also have 36 points. Southampton are 14th also with 36 points, followed by Newcastle who have 34 points. Leeds are 16th with 33 points, followed by Everton with 28 points. The teams risking relegation (the bottom three) are Burnley in 18th place with 24 points, Watford in 19th with 22 points, and Norwich at 20th with 21 points.