Manchester City Floor Watford as Arsenal Pull a Surprise Win Against Manchester United

Man City have had a fantastic run this season. One would think that since Pep Guardiola has been with the team for so long, his leadership would get sluggish.

Manchester City Floor Watford as Arsenal Pull a Surprise Win Against Manchester United
Man City players celebrating a goal. Source: DS.

Gameweek 34 of the English Premier League has been nothing short of a goals fiesta with Manchester City flooring Watford 5-1 and Arsenal pulling a surprise 3-1 win against Manchester United. Manchester City are one step into EPL glory while trouble brews at United.

A Man City Enjoying a Fantastic Coach

Man City have had a fantastic run this season. One would think that since Pep Guardiola has been with the team for so long, his leadership would get sluggish. It’s only gotten better, however. Pep is arguably the best manager in club football in the world at the moment. He’s a master of his craft. He has true love for the game and his players. They’re like his sons. Yes, he wants results, and to be honest, he doesn’t pull any punches in the locker room, but he cares. He cares for Man City and most importantly, its players.

Pep’s Goals System

Club management isn’t only about performance or even team comradery but it’s about having a structure and strategies to win, even if in the long-term. Pep did exactly that, he established a system. He is very assertive in what he expects of his players and doesn’t hesitate to let them know when they need to pull up their socks. He's not only a coach but a manager. Fast forward and Manchester City are looking at lifting both the English Premier League and the UEFA Champions League titles.

Trouble in Manchester United

Manchester United are in deep trouble; the kind that sends shockwaves around the pitch with fans aghast at how terrible the team has become. United are a big 5 team. The big 5 lists the richest clubs and those with the most Premier League glory and legacy. However, modernizing a legendary team seems to be an issue for United when in today’s Premier League, a club could have players from a dozen countries all over the world.

A Question of Leadership

What is ailing United now is also a question of leadership. The team lacks a substantial manager and captain. With all due respect to Ralf and Maguire, they are doing a trash job. What’s even worse is the hesitancy of the owners and club managers to do something about it. They have the power to restructure the team immediately and bring in a new and capable coach.

The team itself is so star-studded that it hardly needs any new star players. In fact, too many stars on one team could be just what is ailing United. The team’s player list reads like an all-star team lineup but unfortunately, the performance is that of a team likely to find itself in the relegation zone.

United Can and Need to do Better

Manchester United undoubtedly can and need to do better. As fans of the team, we are sick and tired of the management’s inaction. It’s safe to say that we now demand a new coach and a new captain. Things are so bad that players are blaming Cristiano Ronaldo as the problem while he’s the exact opposite. CR7 came to help United and to be honest, he didn’t need them, they needed him. As such, give the man captaincy, bench Maguire if you have to, and hire a coach we can be proud of. Period. If we can lose to Arsenal in the state they are currently in, then we may lose it all.

An Arsenal that Bit its Own Tongue

Arsenal came from behind to a surprising 3-1 win against United. Arsenal have been in bad shape. Mikel Arteta is chasing his tail trying to figure out how on earth to bring the team back to life. He, however, fails to see that his demotion of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is to blame. Aubameyang had the team on his shoulders and instead of giving him all he needs, they took away his captaincy at the club. Fast forward and Arsenal is crawling into the league table, gasping for life and something new.

EPL Gameweek 34 Results

Away from the trouble at Old Trafford and Emirates Stadium, Gameweek 34 of the EPL has been goal-filled and thrilling to watch. Leicester drew 0-0 with Aston Villa. Newcastle beat Norwich 3-0. Spurs faltered and drew 0-0 with Brentford, more of a sign of Brentford’s strength than their own slump.

Brighton drew 2-2 with Southampton as Burnley beat Wolves 1-0. Wolves were at one point showing signs of resuscitation but got lost in their struggle to make an impact in the league. Chelsea remained strong with a 1-0 lead against West Ham as did Liverpool who beat Everton 2-0. Leeds drew Crystal Palace 0-0.

EPL Standings

Man City are still atop the league table now with 80 points, closely trailed by Liverpool who are second with 79 points. Chelsea are third with 65 points, followed by Arsenal who are fourth with 60 points. Spurs are fifth with 58 points. In sixth place is Manchester United with 54 points, followed by West Ham United who are seventh with 52 points. In eighth place are Wolves with 49 points, followed by Newcastle who are ninth with 43 points. In tenth place are Leicester with 42 points. Be sure to check out our football page for more.