Manchester United Crush Manchester City in the Manchester Derby

Rashford is becoming the Ronaldo that Man United needed, not the one they wanted.

Manchester United Crush Manchester City in the Manchester Derby
Man United have won the Manchester Derby! Source: BBC.

It's been a while since I had so much joy writing 'Manchester United' in full. This time though, I am super proud of Man United and Rashford for the impeccable game. United have done it again and this time crushed Man City 2-1 in the Manchester Derby. United's goals were scored by Marcus Rashford and Bruno Fernandes, bringing the team from behind, after City opened the scoring with a header from Grealish. I know crush may be a huge word but we did it! Haha... I can hear Chelsea fans saying.. yeah, yeah, yeah. They should get some clay and potter their sorrow... Hahaha.

Man United Now a Team One Can Be Proud Of!

For the first time in forever, Manchester United are now a team one can be proud of! I have suffered and we have all suffered a lot, as Man United fans, in the recent months and years, and can now be proud of our Red Devils! Erik ten Hag is clearly turning the team around and who knew United could be stronger without Cristiano than with him?

Erik ten Hag's Mastery is Slowly But Truly Showing Itself

We knew ten Hag was a mastermind by his impeccable performance at Ajax but we couldn't have anticipated such a quick turnaround for a Man United that was literally going to the dogs. I mean, we all know that Old Trafford needs a complete rebuild, and we also thought the team did too, but it seems ten Hag has the solution. Could it be that United only needed to get rid of Cristiano for it to become the team we all wanted and needed? (Comment below)

Are Manchester City Floundering?

Manchester City are seemingly in a bind in this instance despite a wonderful season so far. City are a powerhouse, come rain come sunshine, and seeing them a little weak is concerning. We, however, think that probably City and Pep weren't expecting United to bring on the heat as they did. As such, their 2-1 loss to United isn't so much about them floundering but about the rapid improvement of Man Utd's game and quality of play.

Whatever Rashford had for Christmas We Want It!

I mean. Wooooooaaahhhhh! Marcus Rashford is going crazy up on the pitch. Our man Rashford is doing the ting like crazy. Whatever did he have on Christmas? We want! Rashford is becoming the Ronaldo that Man United needed, not the one they wanted and we are here for it 24/7!

Marcus Rashford celebrating his goal against Manchester City with teammate Casemiro
Marcus Rashford is becoming so good we are ebullient. Source: PL.

What Does Utd's Win Mean for the EPL Table?

United remain third in the EPL Table with 38 points, a single point behind Man City who are second with 39 points. Arsenal remain on top of the EPL Table somehow, with 44 points. Twitter was awash with notions like, 'if City beat United, then it's a one-horse race to the top...' Oops. Seems like Arsenal are not going anywhere if things remain as they are. Even more, City will need to up the ante to get to the top; and that is if Man United will let them. I ten not! ;)