Manchester United Suffer Another Shocking Defeat as Speculations Indicate that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is On His Way Out

Man United’s disappointment was displayed on-field leading to a red card being handed to captain Harry Maguire, a player who has failed in his leadership of the team

Manchester United Suffer Another Shocking Defeat as Speculations Indicate that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is On His Way Out
A disappointed and frustrated Ole Gunnar. Source: Mirror.

Manchester United have suffered another shocking defeat marking their fourth consecutive defeat in their last five English Premier League matches. The ‘Red Devils’ got a 4-1 hammering from Watford, a team who a few seasons ago they could walk over like it was just any other Saturday for them. However, the team is at one of its lowest points in history and many believe that this is to be blamed on the insistence of the club’s management to stick with manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. At the end of the match on Saturday, the players were downtrodden, heartbroken, and admitted that everyone, including the players and management, let the club and the fans down.

A Despicable First Half for United

United’s first half was despicable. Watching the game as a Man United fan was a horror, to say the least as the first half swung off as if all United players were just chasing their tails and failing to do any defending. This gave a chance to Watford who scored two of their four goals in the first half thanks to Joshua King in the 28th minute and Ismaila Sarr in the 44th minute. After the half-time break, United’s Donny van de Beek gave a reply with a goal in the 50th minute. Unfortunately, despite him being seen to carry the team all through Saturday’s game, the goal did nothing to inspire the club’s players out of misery.

United's Stark Display of Disappointment on the Pitch

Instead, Man United’s disappointment was displayed on-field leading to a red card being handed to captain Harry Maguire, a player who has failed in his leadership of the team and conduct expected of a captain. Maguire’s quality as a player is also in question as he mostly underdelivers and is too careless with the ball leading to a weakened defense, goals, and even fouls.

By stoppage time, United’s players were disappointed, heartbroken and this culminated in them failing to defend two more goals which were scored by Joao Pedro in the 92nd minute and Emmanuel Bonaventure in the 96th minute. At this rate, Man United may fail in UCL's last-16 qualification, and it will be such a shame.

The Glazers' Hold on Manchester United

The club’s owners, The Glazers, have continually insisted on keeping Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as he is part of the Manchester United family, having been a former player himself. As a fan, I understand that legacy, heritage and history are important to such a big English club as Manchester United but does that necessarily have to translate holding on to a failing manager? I think not.

Thank You Ole Gunnar, And Goodbye

As Manchester United, we thank Ole for what he has done for the club and he will always be a member of the Red Devils family. However, if he really cared for the club, then he would resign and give way for a better manager. Speculations indicate that Manchester United could even have a shot at acquiring the services of Zinedine Zidane and I would bet that Zidane would have a much better chance at steering such a huge club to success.

Other EPL GW 12 Results - EPL 2021-22

Away from United, matchday 12 of 38 of the English Premier League has been somewhat dismal even as the well-performing teams have managed to score a good number of goals. Chelsea beat Leicester City 3-0, Newcastle drew 3-3 with Brentford, as did Burnley who also drew 3-3 with Crystal Palace. Aston Villa, now under new manager, former Liverpool star Steven Gerrard, beat Brighton 2-0. Wolves beat West Ham 1-0 while Norwich City beat Southampton 2-1.

Liverpool continued their fantastic run with a 4-0 win against Arsenal, further dampening the chances that Mikel Arteta and his club will see the top four this time around. Things have continually looked good for Chelsea and Liverpool, who I believe have the potential and quality to win the league. On the other hand, clubs such as Arsenal and Manchester United have had quite a rough season and it may only get worse. Manchester City beat Everton 3-0 and Tottenham beat Leeds 2-1.

Chelsea Atop Premier League Standings

Chelsea are currently top of the EPL table with 29 points, followed by Manchester City who have climbed to second place with 26 points. Liverpool are third with 25 points, followed by a very improved West Ham who are fourth with 23 points. Arsenal are in fifth place with 20 points, followed by Wolves who are sixth with 19 points. Tottenham have gone up to seventh with 19 points. Manchester United dropped off to eighth, with 17 points, similar to Brighton who are ninth also with 17 points. Crystal Palace are tenth with 16 points.

He’s Out: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Sacked

Reports just in indicate that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been officially sacked. This is great news for all Manchester United fans including myself showing that finally the club’s board and management has seen the light. Michael Carrick will take on management for the time being, as several potential managers are sought after and vetted to find the best.

Will Zinedine Zidane Coach Manchester United?

In my humble view, I think Zinedine Zidane would be the best candidate for the job. Other candidates include Mauricio Pochettino of PSG, Brendan Rogers of Leicester City, Luis Enrique, and Erik ten Hag of Ajax. Today is a day of celebration for Man United fans. Respectfully, we thank Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for his service and wish him the very best. He remains part of the Man United family. This is a new dawn for the Red Devils and we want everything that needs to be done undertaken as quickly as possible to get the club back on track. Glory! Glory! Man United!