Maureen Waititu and the Frankie Fiasco

Maureen Waititu, as a young mom of two boys, has been cheated on and recently ‘asked’ to leave her almost marital home by her in-laws.

Maureen Waititu and the Frankie Fiasco
Frankie Just Gym It and his new flame Corazon Kwamboka chopping life as Maureen Waititu watches by. Source: Ghafla.

Maureen Waititu has come out as one of the most trendy young moms in the city and has inspired all of us to shun all manners of acting tough. Maureen has braved social media and tabloids to talk about her pain and what going through a tough breakup can be like.

As far as we know, she would have opted to play down the mess and take it in the comfort of her privacy. However, by speaking out about what she terms as ‘her loss,’ she has inspired many young women to speak about relationships and especially, what it is like losing one. Below is one of Maureen’s Instagram posts.

Maureen Waititu: I Contemplated Suicide

Maureen Waititu, as a young mom of two boys, has been cheated on and recently ‘asked’ to leave her almost marital home by her in-laws. You can imagine the plight of being a young parent in this city and how the ravages of heartbreak would make matters of love even more unbearable. She has also come out to say that she had gotten to a point where she contemplated taking her own life twice due to the heartbreak and the depression that ensued.

As a young mother, Maureen is a heroine in her own right in the way she has stood steady for her kids and women in the country and beyond. She has called out infidelity and has, even in very bitter and uncanny words, reprimanded cheaters. She has been entangled in a messy breakup with her former boyfriend cum baby daddy, Frankie Kiarie, commonly known as Frankie Just Gym It.

Frankie Just Gym It Opts for Socialite Corazon Kwamboka Over Maureen

Maureen’s woes began when Frankie ventured outside their relationship to sip life with the socialite Corazon Kwamboka. Frankie and Maureen were yet to wed but had been blessed with two sons. They had been the couple goals of many social media fans over the years. Unfortunately, Frankie could still not find the courage and marry his girl even after two boys.

Instead, he opted to nest elsewhere and ended up in the warm care of Kwamboka. Kwamboka is a socialite who has, over the decades, struggled to really capture the limelight as did the likes of Vera Sidika. As she is known, Corazon is an alleged lawyer whose social media pages are awash with fitness-style pictures and curvy looks. She and Maureen’s ex have been blessed with a son, Frankie’s third.

Maureen Waititu Refers to Herself as a "Single Parent"

Maureen Waititu refers to herself as a "single parent" and has refuted claims that she barred Frankie from seeing his sons. They have been on social media screenshotting Whatsapp chats and going back and forth in a manner only perfected by rap musicians. Experts have demerited this form of breaking up and asked the couple to handle their matters in private.

Robert Burale's Advise to Maureen Waititu and Frankie

A relationship expert, Robert Burale, has advised the couple, or former couple for that matter, to keep their matters private. He termed the facade to be one that no one cares about and that people are only interested in the drama. As true as this may be, Maureen represents a generation of young women who have had to deal with men and boys who have been very elusive when it comes to taking responsibility.

More and more girls and young women are raising children on their own, with little to no help from the babies’ fathers. This is an ill of society that we should shun, and we should all seek to have a society that promotes and appreciates family values.

Broken Relationships and Why Young Girls Should Aspire for Better

Over the last year and a half, Maureen has undergone a terrible plight, and to lose a relationship with someone one has borne children with cannot be a walk in the park. Whether to publicize the breakup is another matter on its own and is something for another day. I hope that the girls and young women seeing and hearing about what Maureen has gone through educate themselves on what healthy relationships are and not settle for less.

Young women should aspire to be self-made and should only accept meaningful, peaceful relationships and those with a vision or aspiration for matrimony. Life may throw one a curveball now and then but do not let the curveball be a baby or two—plan for your life carefully and keenly. Maureen Waititu has emerged and will continue to emerge from the Frankie Saga stronger and more peaceful and beautiful lady. She has kept a brave face all along and held her head high, as should be, throughout this mess. God bless her and her babies.

Frankie's Possibly Short-Lived Spat with Corazon Kwamboka

Frankie will enjoy himself for now. He will feel good about himself and the seeming direction that his life is taking. However, down the line, he may stumble on the hard reality that sometimes, the one who is the problem in a relationship is the one who is most likely to leave. As such, his leaving and the cheating that preceded him moving out could be a symptom of a bigger problem and not really the fault of anyone else.

As such, he should enjoy himself while his new flame lasts. No one should underestimate the power of moving out, and even when the partner leaving may think they are doing it to seek peace, sometimes it is better to remain and persevere. Otherwise, if you are too easy to anger or annoy, you may never find a partner. The truth will be very harsh when it dawns on Frankie, and he, like other cheating partners, will face the figurative music. As they say, easy come, easy go.