Migos Rapper Takeoff Shot Dead Aged 28

Popular Hip-hop trio, Migos' rapper, Kirshnik Khari Ball, popularly known as ‘Takeoff’ was shot dead yesterday in Houston Texas, aged 28.

Migos Rapper Takeoff Shot Dead Aged 28
Migos Rapper Takeoff Shot Dead Aged 28. Source: Getty.

Popular Hip-hop trio, Migos' rapper, Kirshnik Khari Ball, popularly known as ‘Takeoff’ was shot dead yesterday in Houston Texas, aged 28. Takeoff got caught up in a feud over a dice game and was fatally shot in the commotion. His loss has hit the hip-hop scene with a lot of shock and disbelief with tributes pouring in. Takeoff was a G and Migos will never be the same without his talent, humor, and family ties. Takeoff was nephew to Migos’ Quavo and cousin to Migos’ Offset.

An Endless Tirade of Black-on-Black Crime

Takeoff is the latest victim of the endless tirade of Black-on-Black crime in the United States. His death comes 3 years after another fatal shooting of popular rapper Nipsey Hussle, and just two decades after the killing of beloved rapper Tupac Shakur. Their deaths are signals of a growing pandemic in the United States which is not only gun crime and gun-related deaths but also gang culture and gang violence.

Gang Violence and the Thug Culture in HipHop

Gang violence has always been an issue in the United States but it gets even worse when you bring in thug culture and its ties to the music genre, hip-hop. HipHop started as an appreciation of everything Black but unfortunately morphed into what is today known as ‘Trap’, which, unfortunately, includes a lot of gang culture and the glorification of violent crime and drugs. Unfortunately, this means that HipHop, Trap, and Gang Culture are somewhat intertwined; making artists and fans to be caught up in the unavoidable violence that is engrained into the latter.

Was there a Lapse in Security for the Migos Star?

Yes. Fellow Migos member and Takeoff’s uncle, Quavo, was present at the dice game, and unfortunately, the two were not protected or guarded enough, thus the unfortunate shooting. Even more, it is reported that Quavo was the one with an issue with the opposing side’s players as he was quickly losing money in the game and Takeoff was just watching by. There are even reports that Takeoff was not really aware of what was going on when the bullets started flying. Hit by One of His Own Other reports indicate that it was one of Takeoff and Quavo’s entourage that started shooting and shot Takeoff by mistake, triggering everyone to start shooting and Takeoff getting shot again in the commotion.

Takeoff and His Cousin and Fellow Migos Member Offset
Takeoff and His Cousin and Fellow Migos Member Offset. Source: Getty.

An Unnecessarily Large Entourage

Unfortunately, rappers are susceptible to having a huge entourage travel or hang out with them and since many of them are armed, then a small issue could trigger a fatal shootout risking lives, including those of the rappers themselves. A small startle could end up being fatal given that most of the rappers’ entourages are armed with deadly firearms.

Is HipHop a Victim of Lax Gun Control Laws?

Yes, as is the entire United States. Hip-hop is particularly affected though; as it is a cultural aspect of mostly Black Americans who are, unfortunately, the disadvantaged in society and most susceptible to crime, engaging in criminal activity, and ending up victims of said criminal activity. At the baseline of all this crime are lax gun control laws that allow individuals to carry and wield deadly weapons including pistols, guns, and rifles (automatic and semi-automatic). Takeoff’s demise has consequently led to an uproar concerning the issue of gun violence and the lack of adequate gun control legislation.

A Culture under Attack

Black Americans have always felt like they are under attack mostly due to racism in the United States. Even so, there has also been a steep increase in black-on-black crime with critics saying that the system allows gun-wielding, putting the marginalized in a situation where they inadvertently kill their own; doing the dirty work of the racists for them.

Rest in Peace Takeoff

We are absolutely heartbroken following the unfortunate demise of Takeoff. We pray for perseverance and peace for his family, loved ones, fans, and his uncle Quavo and cousin Offset. We pray that the HipHop community heals and that his demise does not trigger a wave of gang violence in and around Houston. Rest Easy King. Go Well Take. Amen.

Takeoff and His Uncle and Fellow Migos Member Quavo
Takeoff and His Uncle and Fellow Migos Member Quavo. Source: Getty.