Moving All of Mania Inc. to Ghost

Moving All of Mania Inc. to Ghost
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It's been a crazy three years since the day Mania Inc. was born, on June 20th, 2020 to be exact. Things have changed though and we had started on WordPress, created a dozen different sites for different niches, and an e-commerce store. We have, however, become enlightened and are daring to employ a new approach.

Mania Inc. will now be focused more on its content and a membership business model. The twelve different sites will now be housed under one single huge site even though the different domains will now direct users to specific tag pages for those sites. This is a bold move as we now will be working under one roof to deliver content for the different niches.

This umbrella approach will mean that you can now access all of our content in one place. We understand that you may be particularly interested in only a certain niche and we hope to fine-tune the site to channel to your specific needs. We honestly see no value proposition for creating numerous sites at this point but are willing to still explore that idea in the future.

We feel that we need to simplify things a little and just bring you the simplest and most understandable delivery method for all our content. We are excited about this new move and hope and pray that you will join us in what we know will be the adventure of a lifetime. Thanks, and please subscribe.


David Mania

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