My Dreams of School

I am very grateful for my education and I pray that all children get a chance to get an education and to go to a wonderful school such as Kagumo for a wholesome and all-around quality educational experience.

My Dreams of School
My dreams of school are the most intriguing dreams I ever had. Photo by Thomas Park / Unsplash

I am a dreamer, no doubt, but my dreams of school are the most interesting by far. My dreams of school, especially secondary school are both scary but also relieving when I wake up and realize I cleared school. I went to high school at Kagumo High School in Nyeri, Kenya and it was a very interesting four years at the school. There were the haters, the dope boys, nerds, and guys like me who were just there to get done, get good grades, and move on to life as an adult.

I was happy at Kagumo and I am very grateful for the education I got there, both in books and also in life. I am also very grateful to all my teachers who held my hand all through the four years and all my other teachers at all levels of education. They made me who I am and taught me invaluable lessons and for that I say, Thank You, and God Bless!

The Haters

Yes, Kagumo High School had all the characters you would find in a normal society, including the crazies. I come from Nyeri, it is my home and those students who came from the city, Nairobi, would not let us ‘ushago’ (rural) boys have a break. They would always brag about being from the city or coming from well-off families.

Their kind of bragging was the kind where they would feel like such big people like so important and all, leaving the rest of us feeling a little demoralized and demeaned or intimidated. The good news is that we survived them and to be frank, outdid them by far in academics. The crazies, which made a good number of them, ended up scoring Ds and C-s while we who were looked down upon ended up with As, A-s, and B+s. We made it and I pray that everyone regardless of their grade, is doing well in life. The haters, as they say, are just admirers who don’t want to admit it.

The Ones We Lost

Unfortunately, as life progresses, we have lost some of those we went to school with. It is so heartbreaking and I feel so bad that some of those we shared high school and even overall school memories with have left us. We pray that their souls Rest in Eternal Peace and it is such a huge loss for all of us and even the country as a whole. Some of the people we lost were guys and gals who would have ended up becoming business magnates and big tech or pharma CEOs. We pray that God comforts their families and that their memories are a blessing. We will never forget them and we will always do our best to make society better and live our best lives in their honor.