My Vlogging Journey and What I Have Learned So Far

To grow as a vlogger, it takes a lot of patience, determination, hard work, and marketing to get your content out there.

My Vlogging Journey and What I Have Learned So Far
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My ‘vlogging’ journey started back in school when I realized the opportunity that creating a vlog would present. I knew I wanted to express my views, opinions, and standpoints. I found YouTube and other video-sharing platforms to be very useful in creating a video journal, blog, or ‘vlog.’

Vlogging is not easy. A lot of work goes into each video behind the scenes. The vlogger has to shoot the video in as good quality as possible, edit it, add or edit sound, render the video, and then export it for sharing on the various platforms. It takes a lot of commitment, hard work, and patience to create vlogs and to do it consistently.

Vlogging: An Arduous Journey

The vlogging journey can be tough, especially when starting due to a lack of the knowledge and skills to create good video blogs. Film, photography, and videography are complicated, and it takes knowing and practicing with various cameras, video cameras, and equipment to learn how to be good at vlogging.

Should Minimal Viewership Discourage You in Your Vlogging Journey?

Moreover, when starting, one may feel discouraged due to minimal viewership, minimal audience reaction, or even having a minimal following or a small number of subscribers. To grow as a vlogger, it takes a lot of patience, determination, hard work, and marketing to get your content out there and to ensure that it is viewed by as many people as possible.

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The Investment Needed in Vlogging and Blogging

My vlogging journey started when I was in school and also doing my online writing job, denying me the opportunity and time to concentrate and invest my time and resources in vlogging. I would vlog intermittently and go for extended periods of time without creating and posting a vlog. As fate would have it, I lost my job and realized that not only could I vlog, but I could also blog. This realization led to the creation of Mania Inc. and our four blogs.

The Need for a Willingness to Learn Always

Starting the blogs called for intensive learning, research, hard work, and patience. I decided then to do away with my online writing job and invest as much time as possible to create the blogs. Coincidentally, this was around the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdowns, and I decided to utilize my time indoors creating my blogs.

Developing the various sites, configuring them, and populating them with content was an arduous task, and took me nearly a year until where we are at today. Consequently, I did not have enough time to vlog or learn how to start and become better at vlogging.

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Mania Inc.

My vlogging journey was revived when the four blogs came of age and were fully developed and populated enough to allow me some time to get into vlogging. I have concentrated more on vlogging this year, and I am very grateful to have the opportunity and time to pursue my passion for vlogging.

I have learned a lot in the last few months, and I continue to learn more about how to vlog and do it in a way that expresses my passion for writing, music, and creating content. My YouTube channel is currently undergoing a revamp, and I have been picking up my pace of posting, the quality of my videos, and my consistency in vlogging.

The Importance of Feedback from Your Audience

Despite the journey being arduous, I have received a positive reaction from you, my audience, and I am very grateful that you have supported me in my blogging and vlogging journey. I believe that the future holds good things for us, and I feel motivated and inspired by you every day to do my best to create fun, engaging, insightful, and high-quality content. My video production and editing skills are also getting better by the day, and I am very excited to see what the future holds for us.

The Time It Takes to Get Good at Vlogging

Vlogging can be tough, complicated, and even discouraging when starting, and it is my plea to anyone wanting to start to keep on keeping on. Be consistent, have a clear theme and direction for your vlog, present yourself uniquely and recognizably, and be eager to learn.

While starting on anything, always try and see it as the first day of school. You will not have figured everything out or have all the knowledge and skills needed to be proficient in vlogging. However, you have the opportunity to learn and grow your skills and enhance your knowledge over time.

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The Advent of Technology and New Opportunities in the Digital Landscape

The advent of technology has led to new opportunities in the digital landscape. Anyone can leverage technology to create a digital space to share what they love to do and follow their own path and passion. Allow yourself time to grow and manage your expectations on how well you might do on the first days and whether you might make some money.

On average, it takes about three years to get a blog or vlog to profitability, and within this period, the blogger or vlogger should ensure that they are not too keen to earn some money. One should instead invest their time and resources to laying a solid foundation for their blog or vlog.

The Fulfillment of Pushing On Despite the Challenges

My vlogging journey has been arduous, but it has also been one of joy and fulfillment as I get to follow my path and passion and do what I love. It is such a blessing for me, and I encourage those who feel that they have a passion for blogging or vlogging to be patient, work hard and follow their own paths and passion. When you love what you do, it gives love back to you, and over time, you will succeed.

Is Vlogging a Pipedream?

It may not seem like it. It may seem unfathomable or like a pipe dream, but trust me, your day will come, and you will achieve your goals and dreams. Do not be overly motivated by money, and in my personal view, I believe that having a positive impact is far more important and fulfilling than making some money. Anyone can make some money, but only a few people will positively impact the world.

Always Follow Your Dreams No Matter How Hard They Are

When you align your goals, dreams, and objectives away from countable or tangible successes, you realize the opportunity to create something bigger than yourself. Personally, I want to create something that goes beyond just me or what I love doing. I want to create something that is for all of us.

A platform and platforms that allow us to appreciate who we are, love our cultures, and be happy. For me, having a positive impact on the world is a far, much bigger dream than earning a million dollars. Money can end, but the world will never be the same if you positively impact it through what you do and love doing. Live your dream and love your life.