Navigating Relationships: Love, Sex, and Contraceptives

Getting into a relationship isn’t something that you can script or fully control step by step.

Navigating Relationships: Love, Sex, and Contraceptives
Love and let love. Photo by Oziel Gómez / Unsplash

Navigating teenage years and becoming an adult can be astounding especially when it comes to relationships: love, sex, and contraceptives. As a 24-year-old, a post-teen, and a newly-minted adult here’s my perspective or advice on how to navigate this topic. You’ll make a lot of mistakes along the way but out of them, you will learn invaluable lessons.


Relationships are special friendships one has with a person that they are physically or emotionally attracted to. In primal terms, a probable mate who one chooses to explore the world of sex with is a person one is in a relationship with. Depending on your orientation and likes, then the one you are in a relationship with becomes your girlfriend or boyfriend. As you grow older then this person can morph and become a partner, husband, or wife. The term ‘partner’ is used for either a husband or wife but inculcates the sensitivity of blocking out traditional views of marriage and marital roles.