Patience: Mastering the Art of Waiting and Perseverance

The key to patience is kindness and understanding.

Patience: Mastering the Art of Waiting and Perseverance
Photo by Jan Canty / Unsplash

Patience is a virtue. It is the glue that holds time together. That doesn’t mean it comes easy because patience as the art of waiting is more often than not a challenge. It is naturally difficult to be patient and wait for something but the good news is that it is not impossible. We all have the capacity to be patient and only need to choose to be, to allow ourselves to master patience: the art of waiting and perseverance.

What is Patience?

Patience is the ability to tolerate delay, difficulty, or suffering without becoming anxious or annoyed. In essence, patience is not only about waiting and having the ability to wait but it is also about perseverance and the ability to tolerate a difficult or uncomfortable situation. Such a situation may also be one of suffering or pain, depending on the subject of your patience or what is causing you to want/need to be patient.

Patience Synonyms

Patience can also be appreciated using its synonyms including stoicism, resignation, self-restraint, restraint, tolerance, endurance, tenacity, and forbearance. Other words that share meaning with patience include serenity, tranquility, equanimity, understanding, kindness, and consideration.