SEAL Team Season 6 Review

SEAL Team Season 6 hits pretty hard, especially with the loss of one of the brothers.

SEAL Team Season 6 Review
SEAL Team Season 6 is the most emotional yet as tragedy strikes in the end. Source: Paramount +
This post is both a summary and review of SEAL Team Season 6. That is to say, it may contain spoilers.

SEAL Team was recently renewed for season 7 this January but we just caught up on Season 6. Season 6 of SEAL Team continues the door kickers' adventures as they are the spear pointed to tackle the war on terror. Jason Hayes, Bravo Team leader is, as always, at the forefront trying his best to ensure that the mission comes first and that they execute their mandate with no casualties. Here's our review of SEAL Team Season 6.

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Traumatic Brain Injury

Bravo team leader Jason Hayes, played by David Boreanaz, is suffering a traumatic brain injury. He does his best to keep it under wraps but one of his Bravo team guys, No. 6 Clay Spenser discovers it. What's more shocking is that Clay pieces together that Jason's TBI nearly cost the team their lives after a building collapses on them in Mali.

Deadly TBI

Jason had instructed a partner team they were with to put a charge on a door that he'd previously flagged as a hazard, owing to the presence of ammunition and explosives on that wall. He had, however, forgotten due to his traumatic brain injury, and when the charge deployed the building came down on the entire Bravo team. The issue of TBI is still illuminated in SEAL Team Season 6 as it now also affects Bravo 1.

Confronting Jason

Clay Spenser, played by Max Thieriot, is about to become a dad. His wife, Stella, however, goes into preterm labor, and their son is born prematurely. The little baby is so weak that he can barely breathe and has to be put in the NICU or toddler ICU. Clay has to navigate this difficult time while also grappling with how to confront Jason on his TBI and let him know that it almost caused the team's lives.

Shipping Out Despite the Turmoil Back Home

Clay decides that to prevent another occurrence of Bravo 1's TBI endangering the lives of the entire team, he'd rather join the team in deployment despite his prematurely born son being in the NICU fighting for his life. When they get there, Spenser confronts Jason and later elicits the help of 2IC, Ray, played by Neil Brown Jr., to try and let Jason know that he's sick and that he brought down the building on them in Mali.

SEAL Team Season 6 Review and Summary


Bravo team is ambushed in Mali after information leaks that they will be going after a target in the area. The team is badly hit and it costs Clay his right leg. Luckily, Jason manages to run and neutralize some assailants atop a hill and take out another enemy position, allowing the rest of the Bravo team to concentrate their fire on a final enemy position.

Bravo team during their ambush in Mali in SEAL Team Season 6
Bravo team is ambushed in Mali, in an attack that costs Clay his leg. Source: Paramount +


Clay has to lose his right leg after getting badly wounded by an RPG that tears it into pieces. The leg is infected and has to be amputated to prevent the infection from spreading. Clay has a difficult time but quickly puts himself back together and pushes himself to walk on a robot leg. At this time, Bravo is sent to Russian-controlled territory to take out weapons used in an attack against a US aircraft carrier U.S.S Crampton.

Out to Syria

Bravo team is sent out to northern Syria to find the terrorist group responsible for the bombing of the U.S.S Crampton. There they are accompanied by Clay's replacement, Omar, who Jason doesn't trust. Omar, played by Raffi Barsoumian, is an experienced door kicker, however, and brings up the idea that the team should work with the YPJ, a team of women Kurdish soldiers fighting the war against ISIS.

Jason together with Omar and their executive officer Blackburn in SEAL Team Season 6
Jason had a hard time trusting Clay's replacement in Bravo team, Omar. Source: Paramount +

Partner Forces

The YPJ is a capable all-women force that helps Bravo stop a prison riot and prevent dozens of ISIS fighters from escaping prison. Northern Syria is already infested by numerous terrorist groups including ISIS, al-Sham Brigade, Chechens, and Russians. Bravo is there to try and find the group responsible for the attack on U.S.S Crampton among these and report back to Command.


The two forces come across a group of survivors escaping a fight between two warring terror groups. Among the survivors is an al-Sham brigade soldier by the name of Hamal. Hamal is a young boy who Bravo rescues from imminent death by the YPJ. Bravo sends Hamal into the fight and asks him to go with a device attached to his phone, that will tap the IP addresses there, and tell Bravo if that's the group behind the U.S.S Crampton attack.

The Collateral Damage of War

The deal was for Hamal to do this and then be released and not be handed over to the YPJ to be killed. Unfortunately, Hamal is killed but his phone manages to ping the IP address of the attackers against the aircraft carrier. Bravo now knows it was the al-Sham Brigade responsible for the attack and heads back home.

Putting Clay Back Together

In what turns out to be a deeply personal mission, Bravo and mostly Sonny, played by A.J Buckley, try to help Clay get back on his feet and deal with the mental fallout of losing his leg. Clay cannot operate anymore and resorts to training Green Team recruits. He, however, has a lot going on and the team joins a weekend away that he takes with Sonny, out to Full Metal's cabin. Full Metal was a Bravo team member that the team had lost a while back.

Recognizing that There's a Problem

Clay is in a bad place and had even left home and gone to live in Sonny's place. He's distraught and cannot find his way out of the misery of being left behind while Bravo is deployed. He's a door kicker at heart but he now cannot operate with his prosthetic leg. The leg has also been hurting and Clay resorts to pain pills that he now often takes and they further cloud his mind.

Jason and Clay in SEAL Team Season 6
Jason and the entire Bravo team manage to help Clay out of a dark place. Source: Paramount +

Finding Hope

Despite a challenging time, the team manages to encourage Clay to push on. They hold him up and he gets out of the dark place he is in. Clay is now much better and even returns home to his wife and young son. Around this time, Ray and his wife Naima, played by Parisa Fakhri, open a Veteran Resource Center, and Clay, on going there, likes helping vets and meets an Air Force veteran, Ben.

Back to Syria for Some Unfinished Business

Bravo goes back to Syria to take out the leader of the al-Sham Brigade. There they recruit the help of ISIS to find the man and when they do, they execute a cloak-and-dagger plan to take him out. Bravo team masks themselves and does an intentionally sloppy op, pretending that ISIS did it, as the ISIS commander who'd given them the location of the leader of the al-Sham Brigade wanted them to make it look like he and ISIS did it.

Finding the Bigger Fish

Bravo then heads to Amman, Jordan after realizing that there's bigger fish to fry as the al-Sham brigade was just a proxy force for a state actor. Intel indicates that Iran had been sponsoring the terror group to act in its interests in northern Syria while maintaining plausible deniability. Bravo, therefore, heads to Jordan to find out the location of the Iranian general tasked with coordinating the activities of the al-Sham brigade. They do this by going after his money man and after a brave helo-to-helo intervention, they manage to get a location of where the general will be.

Tragedy Strikes

Bravo team are met with the devastating news that Clay Spenser is no more. Clay was shot by a security guard during a seeming break-in in the Air Force Recruitment Center in Virginia Beach. The reality, though, is that Clay was there after he'd been called by Ben, the Air Force vet who was suffering from PTS and was unstable, whom he'd met in Ray's Vet resource center.

Ben was breaking into the Air Force Recruitment Center, where he had himself been recruited, with the intent to do some property damage. Clay was there to help him and had managed to dissuade Ben from taking his life. Ben handed Clay the gun and right at this moment was when the security guard came in, saw Clay, and shot him point blank in the chest.


Bravo Team is devastated but none more than Sonny Quinn. Bravo asks to go home but Command refuses. Since they now know where the Iranian general will be, Command instructs them to go ahead with the mission and take him out as they are the only assets nearby and it would take too long to put together another team. Bravo team gathers all their strength and go after the general.

We Got Him

Bravo team executes a simultaneous mission taking out the general and some of his UAVs that he'd used against Bravo. The team finally bags the big fish and can finally head home. They, however, had missed Clay's funeral by this time and now have to deal with the reality of losing their brother.

Remebering Clay Spenser

Bravo goes out to the cemetery where Clay is buried and Sonny is left behind in tears. The team puts together a memorial for Clay at the Bulkhead, with his father Ace doing the honors of leading the toast to Clay.

Sonny visiting Clay's grave
Sonny visiting Clay's grave. He's devastated but vows to keep his promise to look after Stella and Brian. Source: Paramount +

The team remembers Clay, albeit with a lot of tears, bitterness, and misery, and do their best to comfort his wife Stella, played by Alona Tal. Sonny keeps his promise to Clay to take care of Stella and his son Brian. Ray and Naima, on their part, honor Clay by renaming their center to 'Spenser's House'.

The Navy Cross

The next day, there's a ceremony to award Jason for his exemplary act in Mali where he saved Bravo by helping them come out of an ambush, i.e. the same ambush that took Clay's leg. On being awarded the Navy Cross, however, Jason gives back the award and finally reveals that he has TBI. He vows to take on the button, on shedding light on the TBI issue, from Clay and declares that the U.S. war machine needs to do better to "protect the protectors".

Jason during his Navy Cross award ceremony in SEAL Team Season 6
Jason returns the Navy Cross that is awarded to him and publicly reveals that he's suffering from TBI. Source: Paramount +

Me Too

Jason is called into Command the next day and when he's just about to be dismissed and his trident taken from him, Ray comes in and reveals that he has PTS. Moments later Sonny comes in and says that he hears a ringing in his head. Trent and Brock come in and say they lack balance and get nightmares. Another soldier walks in, and another, and another. They confront the army with the issues they've brought home from war and have Jason's back. Ray asks... What'll they do? Will they take all our tridents? Haha. I guess not.

Our Rating

SEAL Team Season 6 is another brilliant installment of the SEAL Team TV Series. Season 6, however, hits pretty hard, especially with the loss of one of the brothers. It literally ends in tears and we hope that the team will be able to recover from this come Season 7.

The series is as brilliant as ever, however, and we give it a 9.5/10. We absolutely loved it and felt super engaged all through. We even had to remind ourselves that it's just a series to stop mourning the lost brother. It's just that good. Be sure to watch it and stay tuned for SEAL Team Season 7.


When Will SEAL Team Season 7 Be Released?

There is yet to be a release date for SEAL Team Season 7. There's even doubt whether filming has actually started. Season 7 is coming, however, and was announced in January 2023. As per the pattern, SEAL Team Season 7 may come out in Fall 2023 after filming gets underway.